Tuesday, August 30, 2005

learning about my camera

There's nothing really noteworthy about these pictures.  Some are very similar to ones I've taken before.  I just wanted folks to see that I am experimenting with something beyond point-and-shoot. 

Having some extra time this afternoon, I set off to the cabin with my canine companions, with the new camera and the Camera User Guide in hand.  I'm learning what some of the various settings and modes are for, although remembering them is not easy.  I finally figured out how to delete individual pictures in the camera.  I never once tried to do that on my old digital camera.

It's fun to learn new things.  Now if only I can remember them.


ksquester said...

Mandy is definately ALPHA dog!  I just love that dog!   (YOU ain't so bad yourself MO!)   Anne

bnanajm said...

As usual, I'm in awe of your pictures.

You Rock Girl!!!!!

bookncoffee said...

Enjoyed your photos.  You are doing well with it.  Love the close up pics.  That's a great camera.  Love the self shot.  Cute.
That feature is handy.
Take care.
Oh, and your sky looks so blue compared to our dark tropical day.

astaryth said...

Have fun with that camera! Experimenting is the most fun part!!

nightmaremom said...

Photos were great!  The puppy dog came out great and so close I could smell puppy dog breath ::grin::  Great job and enjoy!

qwkwit65 said...

You ROCK Mo!!  Great pictures. I especially like the self portrait in the lounge chair....good job !! I have a little tripod for my camera...it sit on a table or shelf or anything flat that I can find to 'perch' it on. Works great...got it at Wal Mart for $3.97 Keep up the practice...you are taking some great shots girl !  Nance
P.S.  Where is the setting for distant shots ?  LOL....I've never used that .

tendernoggle said...

I loved all the pictures but i especially loved number 5! Also I loved the view from your lounge chair! I love tees and sky pictures anyway!
take care and have fun with your new toy!
love ya,