Monday, August 1, 2005

Goodbye, Record Lady

One of my "Favorite Sites" will be removed.  Why?  Because Record Lady has been forced to close her website.  It sure was fun while it lasted... and thank goodness I saved a lot of those old songs to my computer.


ryanagi said...

That's too bad. You just found that one not too long ago.

adoresiren said...

I don't understand why this is happening. I am truly in tears. This site, brought so many of us, in our worst times, some joy into our lives. I have adored the record lady for a long time. Now what do we do? If there is anyway, that I can help to restore her site, please let me, I'll do what ever it takes. Please let me know why, this happened..Lee.

hitadams said...

What happened to her website and the links to the other sites.

bamamuzz said...

they have closed a lot of the real audio sites.............some clown in florida told rose that he owned rights to all her stuff and to take it off...............glad i burned most of it to cd
ed's country lane left today---------------punchy and nana--------------bob and kevin
all gone

clh1124 said...

anyone know what happened? Her site was the absolut best!

cowboyprsctt said...

Does anybody know who claims to have rights to all of Rose's song postings?  I would very much like to get a name so I could check and verify his claim.  If his claim is not valid, I smell possible legal action here.

albertrutch said...

I did not save the music because I like many others I am sure took the site for granted.  I always played the music without paying a second thought let alone saving anything.             I will miss the site tremendously.

I miss it already so much, I used this site instead of the radio at night.  Hubby went to sleep many a night with the music and now he is back on sleepers.

Good night and maybe someone knows a way to get the record lady back.  I am now paying attention so will glady partake in whatever is needed to bring her back.

budsho2 said...

What a shame, that such an enjoyable site should be forced to close because of some Greedy person . I will truly miss the Record Lady .


tangolorenzo said...

The "Record Lady's" site - I have used this site a lot over the last couple of years, have even helped with small contributions whenever my funds permitted; it is a real shame that Rose had to close it down due to someone's threats and greed.

The music had helped me through a lot of hard times recently and I will definitely miss it.

I wish to thank Rose Spaulding for her great efforts in creating the site and giving pleasure to so many of us.  

Is there any way all of us can help to get it going again for her ?


billykr said...

My wife and I have been on line for nine years and "recordlady" was by far our favorite web site.  Her site was really "too good to be true".  We would gladly give many $ to see her back on line with the greatest country music ever made (by the original artists).

Let us know what we can do.

aloisbergie said...

sad to see that the site got shut down, I'll give her credit she had that old song that you longed to hear once again, I got many a tunes saved  from her site  "thanks" I wish her luck in whatever she is doing now

cwangel9999 said...

Does anyone know how to reach our poor Miss Rose??  I have to agree that I think someone is being untruthful to her.  Because of the vast array of artists on her sight 1 person cannot hold the rights to all those songs. They were recorded by
many artists whose record companies owned the rights.  I know most of those are now defunked or have merged into major labels still in Nashville.  There must be some way for us to help or support Rose in getting her sight back up. Please contact me by E - Mail if anyone knows how to contact her.  I know some people
in the business who might want to help.  I am also very sad to see this sight shut
down where are those of us who love the old songs going to find such a wonderful archive to feed our musical souls???    

hitadams said...

Is there any proof that he knows the rights to all of those songs.

truck1070 said...

  i just  found out that the site is down. sure will miss it.
          is there any way to email or write to Rose if so please send to me .
                    John wilson

        thank you

sjones2053 said...

I loved the record lady site.It brought so many memories of growing up and the songs back when i was young.It wa a faboulous site and i will miss it so much.
  sue jones 10/15/2005

hitadams said...

I do not think this person has any legal right in Florida. I know for a fact that Loretta Lynn owns the rights to her own songs. As far as the other Artist it would come under the producers and Record labels. Is there any way to email Rose?

rasinjack said...

does any one out there know the name of the person who claims to own the rights
to all the materiel rose had on her site? i have the means to take him to court
because i know for a fact he does not own the rights to the songs, i have been in
the music business for years and i knew some of the old timers personally and
some that are still with us. i would like for that person to contact me personally
by email. i just now found out why she went off.


rocky6432 said...

I comunicated with Rose about the issues which ultimatly led to her dimise, i was given the opinion that the reason she ultimatly pulled the plug was not the validity or otherwise of the claims but the very fact that she was unable to financialy defend her position against these claims wether or not they had any credance, it was a great shame and an even greater lose, Rose had gathered together thousends of old time music songs (scratches an all) in the same way that a curator of a museum would and that is how i viewed her as a preserver and custodian of these songs in one place a collector of rare items, it's a shame and a sin that the world lost this great resource.

earl19380 said...

I also liked to listen to the music on the record lady's web site. I wish there was a way to bring her back. When my old computer broke I lost everything now I am unable to to hear some of the old songs I loved so much.