Monday, August 15, 2005

well well

AOL has given me my journal back, except for two entries I added this morning where I was griping about AOL.  I wonder if that's coincidence?  I was threatening to start blogging at  It's much more user-friendly.  If I leave AOL, my journal here is gone, archives and all.  But before you know it, I'd have plenty to look back on at  I've started a blog there.  Made one entry in May, when AOL was having troubles.  I added one today with a picture, to find out if I could post pictures easily.  I may wean myself gradually... make one entry here, the next one there, until I know for sure it's satisfactory.

I'm not sure journals was the only AOL problem today.  I went into a chat room briefly and said hello.  The only other comment I made was " :-x ".  But something another person typed showed up in the chat as if it were me saying it.  You could get in a lot of trouble that way!  I can't say I'd be concerned about losing chat rooms if I left AOL.  The only one I care about is a private one with AOL groups, made up of trusted friends; and I can still go there with AIM.


gaboatman said...

My journal was affected, too, Mosie.  I just saw the alert from John Scalzi saying most of the problems are fixed and will go to mine to check it out after this comment.  I will miss your journal if you leave AOL, but I guess you would let us know how to find you at  I hope the rest of your day goes better.

rb3987 said...

I am also getting tired of having trouble with AOL. I have been a member of AOL for more than 10 years and it gets sorrier and more expensive as time goes on. I really enjoy your Blog so hope you don't leave.

joolsinwa said...

AOL routinely does maintenance early in the morning, which is perfectly reasonable,I have never had journal trouble, I think because I do mine mainly in the mid afternoon, AOL is not perfect by any means, but routine tweaking is  not unusual in a technological field, all the grumblimg about journals shows how impatient and demanding society has become.Now if journals was down for a week I could understand, but for a few minutes here and there , geez.No other blogging system is down time free.

csandhollow said...

I have a blogspot one too, and Live Journal. The community here feels so much better though. I will follow you where ever you go.