Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to School

John Scalzi has given us our Monday assignment...

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Back to School   Your Monday Photo Shoot: It's back to school season. Show us a picture of something that represents "Back to School" to you. Kids on their way to school, a stack of new text books, school supplies, parents leaping for joy... oh, wait, maybe not that last one.

Don't be afraid to reach back into the archives for this one; if you've got a great "back to school" photo from 1975, bring it on. I could show you a picture from my own back to school days -- the one from second grade, when I was dressed in pink denim from head to toe -- but no. No. And stop looking at me like that. It was the 70s. And my mom dressed me. Take it up with her.

Take or scan the photos, upload them into your blog or journal, and go to Scalzi's blog to leave a link. And welcome back to another year of school!

Well folks, I've used this picture at least twice before in my journal, but it goes so far back, it's quite a novelty.  How many of you have a picture of your classroom when you were in first grade, with the backside of your first-ever teacher in the foreground(shapely, wasn't she)?  Until the fifth grade, I attended an old-fashioned one-room country school.

I'm next to the back, right side.


lahdee said...

That's a really cool picture. :D

ksquester said...


fisherkristina said...

Awesome picture!


nightmaremom said...

Awesome!  What a treasure!

pixiedustnme said...

gosh i think i've seen that picture before >giggle<

pandorasbazaar said...

Wow, that is a great photograph!
- Pandora -

grahamfarmga said...

I like the photo

siennastarr said...

I can't help but notice her dress!  Isn't it funny how history repeats itself??  I remember dressing in something similar to that in the 80's.
I love those old desks!  I always wanted to sit in one of those when I was in school, but instead they had the two seater ones.  Just a table with 2 chairs.  You and I are not that far apart in age, but I guess just enough to change that desk status, for back then! lol