Saturday, August 6, 2005

The Saturday Six

I've skipped Patrick's Saturday Six the last couple of weeks, but I'm back now.  Here we go!

1. Besides your parents or siblings, what family member do you most resemble?  OK, I even asked my husband for help on this one, and neither of us can think of a soul I resemble other than my parents.  Not a cousin, aunt or uncle, or child.  From pictures I've seen, I may resemble my paternal grandfather. 

2. Check out this
interesting website:  Is your hometown newspaper featured?  What is the top headline of that paper or the one closest to you?  Only one newspaper in the state of Missouri is there, and that's the Kansas City Star, which is about 40 miles from here.  The headline reads, "Marines Carry On The Fight".

3. If you knew it was completely tame and there was no danger, what zoo animal would you most like to pet or come into physical contact with?  a gorilla... but just how sure would I be that there's no danger?

4. Take this
quiz:  How weird are you?

You Are 30% Weird:  Not enough to scare other people...   But sometimes you scare yourself.

5. Which of the following causes more stress in your life:  your spouse, your kids, your boss, your co-workers, your friends, your parents or other relatives?

I don't believe I have a lot of stress in my life.  

I don't have a job any more.  Six months ago I would have said my boss.  

The neighbor kids cause me a certain amount of stress simply because I like my privacy, and they're always gathering in groups nearby and riding their bikes around in the dark, or creeping around.  I never used to worry about shutting blinds at night.  Now it's a real necessity.  Sometimes I think I may as well live in the city.

Gee, I feel much better after venting about that!  Thanks, Patrick.

6. You find an old lamp containing a genie:  the genie decides to give you a single improvement for yourself, mind or body.  It must be something to improve within you and no one else.  What would you ask the genie to fix?

I'd ask the genie to make me less self-centered and more caring about others.   



robinngabster said...

I am 50% weird!!!  It was a tough call between the genital herpes and being 50 pounds overweight. LOL!   Robin

fierrorachel said...

A gorilla?  ROFL, I'd say you're more than 30% weird!  I'm 30% weird too, by the way.  I'd have the genie give me more patience.

toonguykc said...

I can't believe I'm only 50% weird -- I demand a recount!!!