Thursday, September 8, 2005

Weekend Assignment

Weekend Assignment #76: Tell us something you love about or from the American South. From sweet tea to Lynyrd Skynyrd, William Faulkner to the French Quarter, whatever makes you heart long for southern skies belongs right here.

Is it OK if I name three things about the best-of-all southern state, Georgia?  This first picture shows two of my favorite things:  My granddaughter, Lyndsay (in 2002) and beautiful azaleas that grow like weeds down there.


And the second picture is one my regular readers have seen before:  It's me and Cliff with former President Jimmy Carter and Ros, after being in Sunday School with Jimmy teaching.  Would you believe he'll allow his picture to be taken with anyone who wants one, after each Sunday service?  I think that's so kind of him.

Oh yeah, I like all that about the south.

Extra credit: In your opinion, which Southern state has the best barbeque?

HA!!!  You expect someone from Kansas City to say there's decent barbecue anywhere else in the country?  YOU MUST BE CRAZY!!!!  This is where barbecue was born.



robinngabster said...

Now, now, know they say BBQ was born in TEXAS!!!!   I just love Jimmy Carter! I cannot believe you have a picture with him. How about Paula Deen? You gotta love her too! Two people I would love to meet in your neck of the woods are them.  Great Entry! I always love reading your journal.  Robin

coelha said...

Aww..  Jimmy looks sweet!  Your grand-daughter is cuter however!
Julie :)

plieck30 said...

The azaleas are just beautiful and yes that is nice of the former president to allow pictures with him. But on the barbeque I have to differ with you. We got some goood barbeque here in Texas. Paula

siennastarr said...

Wow, Miss Mosie... hee... for a farm girl, you sure do get around!!  Getting your picture taken with Jimmy Carter and the wife.  How awesome is that!  Not to mention, you and hubby look pretty darn good, yourselves!

Thanks for sharing!
I love your pictures!


scotthlori said...

How cool!  He is just an all around good man!


pixiedustnme said...

southern hospitality, ya can't beat it!

monponsett said...

Wow... looks like old JC hit the wall, no? it also looks like the wall hit him back a few times.

Seriously, JC is- by far- the greatest ex-President ever. I never saw such energy from a guy who could have easily retired. Great man.

boodotte said...

Amen Mo!   Someone buy John a clue.  He must be too young to know better.  Southern bbq, my eye!  Kansas City is King in that department.  Born and perfected!  Boo