Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday photo shoot: CATS

From blogfather John Scalzi, another assignment:   Your Monday Photo Shoot: Cats or Feet!

Be aware I am feeling quite daffy today, and this is reflected in today's Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of your feet or a picture of your cat. Naturally, if you can get a picture of your feet and your cat, so much the better.

Be aware that for this Photo Shoot I want never-before-seen pictures of your cats, if you go in that direction of things. No recycling your previous cat shots. No recycling previous feet shots either, although something tells me that will be less of an issue.

Well John, I'm not about to show my hideous feet to the world.  So I risked life and limb to climb up on a stack of hay and take pictures of our hermit barn-cat, Fudge.  I hope my dog, Mandy, doesn't disown me, since she feels it's a cardinal sin for humans to talk to cats.

Come on folks, find your cat, take a new picture, and head over to By the Way to share your entry with AOL's J-land community.  Unless you'd rather share your feet.



robinngabster said...

Oh gosh, that is so cute!!!!

ryanagi said...

Aww! She's beautiful! What a pretty kitty!

bnanajm said...

Dear Aunt Donna,

What's Fudge's telephone number?



csandhollow said...

Fudge is a pretty kitty.

fierrorachel said...

We were happy to see our little Fudge featured in your entry.  Kevin wants to know one thing, though.  Just WHAT are the intentions of Jakey?  Hmmm?  I hope he's an honorable cat...someone needs to make an honest cat out of her.

plieck30 said...

Pretty cat that Fudge, I had cats named Cocoa and Brownie. Seems we all like our chocolate. Paula

msecz said...

I think you should take the cat into the house and show the dogs who is boss... I love cats! Sandra

tendernoggle said...

Oh Mosie, She is soooooooo sweet!!! Awwww I just want to pet her!!
I use to take pictures with my cingular cell phone and be able to email them to myself but since the hurricane i have not been able to do it....I need a digital cameraaaaaaaaa.......waaaaaaa :-(      lol   I have a kitty ...hey wait a minute...I am gonna look in my
love ya,

tendernoggle said...

You sure were up high!!!! You be careful!
love ya,

grahamfarmga said...

My dog killed the kitten I was going to keep in our barn.
Pretty cat looks like kittens for you in the spring.