Friday, September 23, 2005

a boo-boo on my previous entry

I said Patrick's Place was most outspoken.  Geesh. 

Patrick is a peacemaker, but for some reason I have always gotten him mixed up with Armandt.  I fixed my error in that entry... Armandt is the most outspoken, followed closely by my friend Toonguy, but I won't link to him, per his request.


ora4uk said...

Hi Mosie....I don't consider my "journal" up for any award....just enjoy the idea of setting down my day to day...took me a while to get going...but I would vote you best "journal" of all....I never miss a day reading it...LOL...go ahead...make my day!!!!  God Bless....

toonguykc said...

Me? Outspoken?  Wherever did you get THAT impression???  (smirk)

Russ (toonguykc)