Friday, September 9, 2005

Harley Day

We left home shortly after 7 this morning, having put my two granddaughters in the care of a next-door neighbor.  Charlene and Pat (Cliff's sister and her husband) had told us they would arrive at the Harley open house at 7 and save us a spot in line... although sign-up doesn't start until 9 AM.  When we arrived at 8:30, we appreciated our early-bird relatives, because the line went back a long way.  Someone told us people had started arrivng at 4 AM.

Cliff had to show his Driver's license (he took his motorcycle test two weeks ago) and I had to show my non-driver's license.  Then we signed a form that, in so many words,  stated than any harm that might befall us was our own derned faults and Harley-Davidson was not responsible.

Because we were so near the front of the line, we were among the first to be able to ride.  Cliff wanted to try a touring bike first, so we ended up on a beautiful Electroglide Classic.  What a smooth ride it was!  Almost as smooth as a Honda Gold Wing, which we're shopping for (in case Cliff gets the Allis Chalmers D-17 sold).  We won't be buying a new one.  We don't ride enough to justify that kind of expense... like $18,000 for the Electroglide. 

We were waiting in line to ride a "Fat Boy" soft-tail Harley next, and the lady said it would probably be twenty minutes before that one would return.  So I went to the rest room, which was in the factory, quite a distance away.  When I returned, Cliff was gone.  I knew what had happened:  his turn came, and rather than give it up, he left me stranded.  Humph... paybacks are hell.

Our third ride was the Harley Sportster, which didn't impress either of us, although it's half the price of the Electroglide.  Then we went through the museum, and took the tour of the plant.  Cameras weren't allowed, but it was a fascinating place.  There were lots of robots doing amazing things.

We'd noticed, this morning, a Honda Gold Wing for sale in a yard a few miles from here.  So on our way home, we stopped to see about it.  It's really older than we want, but the price was good.  The poor owner is getting a divorce and needs some cash; he told us more than we wanted to now about the situation. 

It's been a fun day.


bookncoffee said...

Wow this was fun, I can tell.  Enjoyed your pics.  
Closest I ever get to a Harley is the Harley Davidson Cafe, attached to the Harley Davidson shop very close to my work.  Just around the corner...They sell the Harley's, lots of Harley merchandise, and of course the cafe is wonderful.  Lots of BIG sandwiches and home fries...they have BBQ, catfish, salads, sandwiches of all kind, homemade pies, milkshakes.  Oh it is so good.

toonguykc said...

My sister and her husband ride to Sturgis every year on a Harley.  Myself -- I tend to get verrrry nervous when I see a biker in rush-hour traffic on I-35.  I assume they're going to eventually be squashed, and I hope I exit before it happens.  I'm very weird and quite paranoid.


csandhollow said...

Sounds like yall had fun. We had the Harley Riders Convention here last week. Over 15000 Harleys in town!

csandhollow said...

We found a 1985 GoldWing with 80000 miles on it for $5500. We also found a 2000 one for $9000.

robinngabster said...

I read this entry to my hubby, he is a BIG Harley fan and someday...down the road when we retire we hope to have a one or two!  :)   You and your husband always look like you are having so much fun!!!  I can't believe he left you while you were in the potty...MEN!  Hee hee... mine would have done the same thing. Robin

grahamfarmga said...

Looks like fun!

mymortalmind said...

Great story. My dad rides a Harley and It really made me laugh. Sounds like a lot of fun.