Sunday, September 25, 2005

My grand-dog came to visit

My grandson, Arick, and his girl friend joined us at Church this morning, so I fixed biscuits and gravy afterward.

All I wanted was one really good picture of my grand-dog, Dixie, and me.  Cliff took at least a dozen shots, but none turned out like I'd have liked, simply because I had interupted some sort of doggie game; and Dixie and Mandy only wanted to get back to their fun.

I sure hope Dixie doesn't turn out to be one of those mean pit bulls, because right now she is the sweetest, most obedient, loving puppy I've ever seen.  She already knows the house rules here, and doesn't go into the carpeted rooms.  I must confess to giving her a bite or two of our breakfast sausage, but even then she didn't whine or jump up on me.  She just sat and silently stared at me for the rest of the meal.


heyuno said...

So, now we know why Arick didn't call sis.

ora4uk said...

it's a dogs life I guess LOLOL

amy122389 said...

LOL - the picture with Dixie's big ol' tongue hanging out out gave me a laugh....  :)


robinngabster said...

SO cute!!! I was almost hoping there would be a picture of the biscuits and gravy too!   BTW...I mentioned you in my latest entry. Check it out when you have time.  Robin

siennastarr said...

Short but sweet.  You're entries are never really long, Mosie, but they are always so heartwarming!  I just love the pics!  Dogs are my favorite animal, in as far as pets go.
My Chi is pure black too.  Odd for a chihuahua.  They are usually brown colored.


tendernoggle said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM biscuits and gravy !!! My favorite breakfast! Loved the pictures of your grand-pup!!! SO cute!!! You could tell that they were wanting to play soooo bad! lol
take care,

bookncoffee said...

Hey, I've been catching up with you and love your pics as takes me out to the country while I sit in this big city (Nashville) and munch on my lunch.
Love the granddog, and looks like Cliff, Arick, and his girlfriend had some fun at target practice.  We used to have target practice at the old homeplace in George's family at Thanksgiving, until so many kids were around that it became quite dangerous.  We enjoy shooting cans with the pellet gun when we go to Big South Fork's log cabins (about every other year).  Small thrills take us a long way.
Have a good week.

csandhollow said...

You are lucky she did not pee all over you trying to get down.