Thursday, September 22, 2005


So I set up the VCR to record the show.  I checked the Kansas City Star, where they told me to be sure and watch "Everybody Hates Chris" on Channel 29.  I sat in front of the TV and saw.... "The Sandlot"?

Maybe it's time to cancel my subscription to the Kansas City Star.

I was lured to a channel and FORCED to watch TV, and they lied to me.

OK, OK, it's no biggie.  Actually, "The Sandlot" isn't so bad.  But I want to see this much-acclaimed program everyone was talking about. 

I think I'll be calling the Kansas City Star tomorrow.

1 comment:

siennastarr said...

Well that sucks! :(   I know how much you were looking forward to watching that program!
I hope Kansas City Star gets it right!