Friday, September 23, 2005

a thought-provoking comment

I'm not sure how many people in my little town read my journal.  I know Tracy checks in once in awhile, and the next-door twins' mom looked me up once.  I don't mention the name of my town, nor do I intentenially put anybody's whole name here, although I'm sure it wouldn't take much doing for anyone to find out where I live.

Anyway, this morning I had a comment that had been left on an early-August entry.  I had taken a picture of a house under construction during one of my horseback rides, and my friend Tracy left a comment saying whose house it was.  Much to my surprise, the builder and owner of the house left a nice comment on this almost two-month-old entry.

How on earth did he find that entry?  I surely don't think Tracy mentioned it to him after all this time.

So I went to Google and typed in his whole name.  Sure enough, Tracy's comment showed up on Google.  Isn't the Internet amazing?

Arby, if you read this, Cliff just went to Henrietta and mowed your uncle's lot yesterday.

It is certainly a small world.


siennastarr said...

It definitly is amazing!  You can find just about anyone or anything you want to find with a little bit of detective work.  Fortunately for you (even though you did nothing wrong) he didn't get upset about it! :)   Some people get really testy when you invade their privacy just an iota.  Me... I could care less.  Well, I don't go telling everyone where I live, but where alot of people won't put pictures of their families up, or use even their first names... I don't have problem with that.  But, that's just me..


amy122389 said...

LOL - ok, that was funny...especially the 2nd to last sentence.  

It IS easier to type than pick up the phone and yak at people nowadays though....(and really, if you just send an email or do an entry, you don't have to spend an extra 30 minutes saying 'Oh?  uh huh......oh, really.  oh...yes?  ohhhhh...'  LOL)


marainey1 said...

One of the reasons I love the net so much - sure helps to keep in touch with those far away !  Have a Happy Day !  'On Ya' - ma