Thursday, September 22, 2005

This and that

First of all, thanks for all the positive and helpful comments about my foot problems.  You folks have given me hope.  Our insurance does not cover the cost of the expensive inserts, but you can bet I'll be doing the exercises, and maybe trying the inserts Anne recommended.  I do believe the cortisone has lessened the pain.

I finally finished the book "Scruples" today.  I was reading it back in July and, in a Flylady frenzy of decluttering, misplaced it.  I still can't believe I actually enjoyed a novel about the lives of rich and famous people, but I did.  So much so, in fact, that I went to today and ordered "Scruples 2", because I just have to know how things turned out.

I rarely watch television.  But I love Chris Rock, and there's a new show starting tonight based on his childhood.  I'll check it out.  Maybe I'll even get hooked on it.  I'm taping it for Cliff, just in case it's as good as they say it is.

We haven't as yet received a check for Allis, so I have nothing to report in that department, except that someone contacted us from Kansas who might be interested.  I told them to get in touch with us in a week or so, in case the other guy doesn't follow through.

Remember my vow to only shop every two weeks?  Well, that went down the drain.  However, we're doing great at combining trips... making one trip serve two or three purposes.  I'm sticking to my grocery list very closely, and I've cut costs there.  I talked Cliff into letting me buy his Diet Coke again; I'm just not making it available to anyone but him.  It's his private stock.  Everyone else can drink tea, or bring their own Diet Coke.  I'll still feed anyone who comes to my door, however.

I'll have another alfalfa report, but not until it's big enough that you can really see it well.

God bless you every one.


siennastarr said...

I have never read the book "Scruples", which surprises me, because I generally like those kinds of novels.  I will have to look into checking it out at the library.  Nah... not the library.  Takes me too long to read it.  I am a connoisseur of good books, and sometimes take forever to read them, because I savor every page.  It would probably be better to just buy it!
Glad you enjoyed it!

Hope you sell Allis soon!


amy122389 said...

hee hee...Jesse was a happy camper after that shot in his foot, too....  He was glad to find a doctor who recommended an insert that wasn't going to require us taking out a loan....


fierrorachel said...

Just to make a note here, we usually bring our own Diet Coke, without being asked.  Sometimes Dad offers me a Diet Coke, sometimes I offer Dad a beer.  It's all good.  I won't drink your diet coke, since you don't drink my beer.  Let's all conserve money here, ok?

cyandfayedavis said...

My mother (84) completely rid herself of the foot ailment with exercises.  I on the other hand am not as faithful with them and still suffer.  The can roll is good and there are several others.  The idea is the ligaments that tend to constrict with age and certain types of use need to be stretched from behind the knee all the way to the toes.  Also new shoes (supportive ones) more often will help.  My podiatrist said I should never go barefoot again....A big loss for me.  I was born barefoot and I wanted to stay that way..   Prayers for your feet..Faye