Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm baaaack!!!!!

My cable-modem went out Tuesday morning.  It seemed to be no problem when I called the cable company:  someone would be here Tuesday afternoon.

I knew I was in trouble when the man called for directions and said, "I don't know if I can help; I don't know much about Internet."


I already knew the modem had died, because they checked that from Georgia, on the phone.  The man did bring a modem along, but he had no software to install it.  In fact, he didn't even know software was needed.

When I called the cable company yesterday, Wednesday, I was told someone would come to correct the problem.  Around 7 PM I called to tell them nobody had showed up, and I was told, "Oh, they're still open; they work until dark."

"That would be in about ten minutes,"  I snarled.  Of course, nobody came.

This morning, ready to do battle, I called again, telling them I was tired of being lied to.  The sweet-voiced lady assured me she'd call the man and have him call me.  Nobody had called yet at noon.  This time she called him and then called me back herself, saying he should be here by 5 PM.  Yeah, right.

Well, he did get here; the "new"modem the other guy left was faulty.  Obviously, I'm back to normal now.

Thanks for my on-line (and in person) friend Lona, who was worried enough by my absence that she called me last night, just to see if anything was wrong.

I watched at least half-a-dozen movies, and finished a book I had barely started before this lack of Internet.  I actually learned how to watch television again!

I watched some DVDs I hadn't seen in awhile:  "All In The Family, the First Season", Apocalypse Now (the longer version) and Casablanca (which I could easily sit and watch again tonight).

Let's see... oh, Cliff and I had a little tiff about the cabin:  He feels I should allow five boys, ages 13 through 16, to have full access to it any time they please.  I don't. He thinks I'm "messed up" in my thinking, but he did put a lock on the door. 

I deleted lots of mail, mostly new entry alerts.  Someone had left links to porn sites in one of my comment sections, so I got rid of that. 

Now, I'm going to catch up on my favorite journals!


ksquester said...

It's very good to have you back. I thought it was very strange not to see your posts. Tell Cliff, he LOSES, you are right about it being YOUR cabin and I know BOYS! I have had those porn sites in my comment sections on rare occasion too. Jim is home and recovering. I have strep throat and went to the Dr. today and we had a friends wife commint didn't miss much. One day, I'll post again.  Anne

memes121 said...

Glad to see you back!

siennastarr said...

Well, I did wonder where the heck you were at, but I have been relatively quiet for the last few days, as far as journaling goes, so, I guess I didn't think it was too odd that you were quiet too.  I did notice that I did'nt have any comments from you, which I found unusual.  You are so good about commenting!  You know I love the heck out of you for that!
I'm glad you got everything taken care of with your internet.  You don't realize how much you miss your computer till you don't have it!


marainey1 said...

You were missed !  I thought maybe you'd gone on a trip or something wonderful! I thought that cabin was yours to get away - no one else's - stick to your guns!
Welcome back to the world of j-land !  'On Ya' - ma

nanlynska said...

WELCOME BACK......I missed you too. Glad you are up and blogging again. And I agree with you about the 'boys' and the cabin. An occasional 'sleep-out' in the cabin with your pre-approval and pop-in check ups would probably be ok. But not for them to come and go as they please out there. Well, enough said fron this ol' gramma. Take care girl !  Love ya !   Nance

ora4uk said...

awww Mosie....I missed you terribly....but had no phone number....couldn't member your last name....and email BooDotte to see what was the problem....haven't heard from her....and NOW you are back...I am so thoughts went from Mo got hurt again riding that horse...Cliff got ran over by a tractor...the grands were sick or had run away from name it...I thought of it....and about those boys in the cabin....NOWAY...God Bless

tendernoggle said...

NOOOOOOOOOO....I don't blame you....that is your cabin...( well, yours and Mandy's!), a place to go and have peace and quiet, to calm yourself and be would be different if the teens only wanted to use it once or so...but not just drop in anytime at all when  they want to be there....PUT THE LOCK ON THE DOOR!!!  LOL
love ya,

toonguykc said...

Glad you are back!

ravenlark2 said...

Welcome back hun! So glad you got your modem fixed.

I've had mine go out before and the results were pretty much the same as you. I dusted off my TV and tuned in...I prefer online over TV anyday though.

Glad you're back hun!


ryanagi said...

Ugh at the modem and Cliff. LOL I can't believe he wants to let boys run wild in your little sanctuary!! I'm glad you got the lock. I've been waiting for your entry on the "squatter who moved into my cabin". ;-)

bnanajm said...

You had one more day before I sent out the cavalry.  I, as Lona, was getting worried.  You altercation (HA) with the cable company sounds like when I had mine installed and the contract installer laid the cable right over the carpet tack strip.  Took 4 days for them to get somebody here to fix it.  AARRGGGHHH.  Whatever did I do "before internet"?

I covered my eyes when I read about 5 boys having free run of your haven.  I'm glad you got a lock.  :o)

Glad you're back.


plieck30 said...

Oh for Pete's sake no. No boys in your cabin. Paula

astaryth said...

Glad to see you back up and running. I wasn't worried cause i was over at your daughter's Journal and she mentioned your internet problems... but, I still missed you!