Friday, September 2, 2005

Bovine drama

When I went out this morning to put Blue up, I heard the sounds of two desperate animals:  The trumpet-loud, earth-shaking voices in the distance of a cow in distress, and a calf, answering her.  Now when the bellowing and bawling is that loud, you can be pretty sure everyone involved is in good health... but there was definitely some sort of problem.

I went in the direction of the cow-sounds and quickly saw the situation.  Lucille's steer calf had somehow gotten through the barbed-wire fence onto the neighbor's property, and didn't know how to get back.
I returned to the house to tell Cliff what was going on.  He had to get dressed, so I figured I'd go back to the scene of the trouble so I could wave toward him and let him know where the problem was; He only has one ear that works at all, so he can't follow sounds, because he can't tell where they're coming from.
I found the cow had followed me back... but when she saw me returning, she turned and headed back to her poor baby, bellowing and bawling all the way.  Every few steps she'd look back to see if I was coming.  She was leading me to her calf.
Cows are pretty stupid animals, and the ones we have at present have appeared even dumber than most.  I've not been fond of these ladies, because they're really not friendly, and they can be somewhat dangerous when they have small calves.  Moanie, the other cow, knocked me down twice when I was trying to examine her new-born twins.
But Lucille was practically talking to me.  She'd bawl at her calf, then look at me as if to say, "Why aren't you doing something?"  When she saw Cliff in the distance, she bawled toward him, and watched him closely as he approached.
She stood patiently by while Cliff loosened three of the strands of wire and lowered them, not upset at all that we were so near her calf.

Even dumb animals know when they need our help.  My Uncle Leo, a lifetime farmer, used to say, "There ain't no dumb animals." 
edited in later... Cliff pointed out that I got the two cows' names mixed up.  This is Moanie.  Lucille is the mother of the twin heifers, and the one who knocked me down.  It doesn't change the story, but I like to be accurate.


redpoppy007 said...


amy122389 said...

ok, the title is what got me...  LOL  Bovine Drama...

I keep saying I'm going to get me some of those mini cows... some day... I saw them in Countryside magazine and fell in love  :-D


firestormkids04 said...

This is heartwarming and just what I needed this morning.  thank you. Blessings, Penny

memes121 said...

I just love happy endings!

madcobug said...

I guees animals everywhere are protective of their babies. It really did seem as if she was asking for your help. Good old Cliff to the rescue. Glad there was a happy ending. Helen

cyandfayedavis said...

Good Story!  Such an interesting life!  You can never get bored can you?

siennastarr said...

How interesting it must be to live on a farm and be privvy to all that goes on with your animals.  That was such a heartwarming story!


whitedove3622 said...

What a wonderful way to start a day. You write so well I felt as if I were there watching the whole thing. There are times in our life we need to sit back and enjoy those moments in life that make it worth living.The rest of the world is in such turmoil its refreshing to hear some happy things. Thanks Mo.

tendernoggle said...

Even dumb animals love their babies! I am so glad you wrote that about Cliff's hearing, because I have one ear that I can hear out of and everyone ythinks I am crazy when I say I can not tell which way a sound is coming from! Now at leaste I know it is not just my imagination!
love ya,