Thursday, September 22, 2005

Weekend Assignment

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Rita is plodding implacably toward Texas, and folks there in its path are doing what they can to get out of its way. The evacuation is massive -- more than a million people -- and the logistics of such an undertaking help provide us this week's Weekend Assignment:

Weekend Assignment #78: You are preparing to evacuate your house due to an upcoming threat. You have already packed up all your essential items, people and pets. You have room for three non-essential items. What are they?

My Gibson Dove guitar.

My computer, because there are so many precious pictures and documents on my hard drive.

At least one of my Bibles.

(I may come back and change one of these, if I think of something that would take precedence.)

Extra Credit: Have you ever been evacuated?    No



monponsett said...

I'd work around the 3 items or less by hiding stuff in the Gibson, like cocaine smugglers do.

hewasolddog299 said...

Often, there's not room enough for the whole computer. It's pretty easy to take the whole hard drive out for safe keeping. About 8 screws, two cables and you are done... just in case you ever do have to bug out and find there isn't room enough for the box.