Monday, September 26, 2005

family jokes

Isn't it funny how a child will say something that strikes your funnybone; then you retell it a dozen times, and it eventually becomes a family joke?  Or is it only my family?

Here's an example:  When my grandson, Arick, was about four years old, he spent several weeks with us.  He liked to go barefoot when he was in the house, but he never remembered where he'd taken his shoes off when it was time to put them on and go outside.  You might find them behind the couch or under a bed... sometimes you'd find one shoe, but not the other.  After a cursory search, he'd always declare that he couldn't find his shoes, and we, of course, were expected to find them for him.  At one such point, after telling his grandpa his shoes were nowhere to be found, Cliff said, "Well, what do you suppose happened to them?"

"I think a robber got them," was Arick's quick reply.

So for these past fifteen years, when we can't find something we've misplaced, Cliff and I will say, "That guy who steals Arick's shoes has been here again."

OK, I'm leading up to something here.  I'm only limping along with Flylady lately, but Monday is still my "house- blessing" day.  Because our closet floor was overflowing with sneakers, I examined mine and threw the two rattiest pairs away.  Then I set out all three pairs of Cliff's sneakers and asked him to choose the ones he was least likely to wear, so I could toss them.

"That one pair of shoes isn't mine," he informed me.  "Those are yours."

"Now Cliff, I know my feet are big, but they aren't THAT big."  And with that, I put my foot beside the shoe to prove my point.  Then I placed it beside his shod foot; it was the same size.

"I swear those are not my shoes," he said.

"Well good, that's the pair I'll toss," I said, and headed for the trash can with shoes in hand.

"Wait, maybe I should try them on," he said.

The shoes were a perfect fit.  He's sure they aren't his; they even have a full insole someone has put in, and it isn't the kind he buys.  He's wearing them right now.

Oh, but that isn't all.  As I got ready to sweep at the back door entryway, I saw a pair of brown men's shoes I've never seen before in my life.  Yes, we had plenty of company yesterday.  But who would take his shoes off and then leave, barefoot?

I took them out to the shop to show Cliff; he was as perplexed as I was.

About a month ago, I recall finally tossing a pair of sneakers because I had tried in vain for weeks to find someone to claim them.

And then it came to me... the answer to this puzzle.

That robber who has been stealing shoes (and other items) ever since Arick was a little boy has experienced a twinge of conscience, and is trying to make things right by bringing replacements for all the ones he's stolen.  That has to be it.

I just wish he'd bring us new shoes.


robinngabster said...

Oh gosh! You have me rolling! That is by far the cutest thing I have read in a long time! I just love this little peek we have into your lives!!! Have a super day, I will now!  Robin

ravenlark2 said...


Oh too funny. Can he stop by my house and bring a few new pairs too? Sure would be nice wouldn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. Glad to have found you.


bookncoffee said...

LOL!  That's so funny....

And guess what...I had some of our missing socks to make their way back into the dryer from the black hole in the universe.  
I don't know how they manage to sneak away but at least these came back to find their mate.  LOL.

whitedove3622 said...

I love this little story. I wonder if the mystery of the shoes will ever be revealed. Keep us posted.  Dove

siennastarr said...

LOL!  Cute story, Mosie!  

Maybe there are so many shoes at your doorstep lately, because your home is such a welcome place to be.  
Did that make sense?  No?  Well, it did to me! lol

At any rate.. better that 'robber' is returning those shoes, and not taking them anymore! :)


ksquester said...

Sounds like you need the "shoe fairy"    Anne

ora4uk said...

Well I have heard of the "tooth fairy" but well....a shoe fairy???? naaaaaaaa....but as you say...wish they were new ones LOLOL...but as long as they fit?????

bnanajm said...

Maybe he should come and steal some of my shoes.  He can start at the bottom of my steps and work is way up.  Rosy will love him.  :o)

plieck30 said...

You wouldn't believe how many old shoes we have in the garage just in case we need to wear some in wet weather to do some job at the ranch. But do we get a pair out of the garage? No we just ruin another pair. We act as if we're rich, but we aren't. Paula

rjet33 said...

Now that is a funny story.  Around here, it is the not me ghost.  I would ask my kids, "Who did this? when they were growing up, and both would say, "not me."  I would say, "Well, I guess the not me ghost has been here again."