Monday, September 19, 2005

For my friends who hate motorcycles

See the green cast in our alfalfa field?  And don't you love the cows in the background?  I was going to the cabin this morning and took this shot.

Cliff and I will be getting a motorcycle.  It may be an older, cheaper one; or it may be a fairly new model. 

Yes, I'm a little scared of them myself, although we had motorcycles when we were younger.  But Cliff really would love to have another one, and truthfully, I would too.

It's sort of like horses:  We all know they're dangerous, but some of us believe the pleasure is worth the risk.  Trust me, even with the problem I had in May with my daughter's horse, I love those beautiful animals.  I even love that particular horse, the one who hurt me.  He had no malice in his heart.  He just hasn't run into the human who fully understands him.

I spent almost two hours at the cabin tonight, with Native American music playing.  I recalled something from a book I've read back there, and looked it up and wrote it down to share with you.

“Among the Blackfoot, eminent men would make long speeches to groups of boys, telling them what they ought to do to be successful in life. They would point out that to accomplish anything, they must be brave and untiring in war: that long life (beyond sixty) was usually not desirable, that old people always had a hard time. The aged were given the worst side of the lodge, and generally neglected. It was much better, while the body was strong and in its prime, while the sight was clear and the teeth sound, and the hair still black and long, to die in battle fighting bravely.”

From “Mystic Warriors of the Plains” by Thomas E. Malls.

My dear friends, I've seen how it goes with old folks.  Those Indians were right. 

 I've lived to see my grandchildren.  I don't wish to die, nor am I suicidal.  If I found out I had cancer, I'd fight it with every breath that is in me.  But I do believe (as the Indians say) that today is a good day to die.

I refuse to turn back from adventure.

I am not turning to native American religion.  I will always believe Jesus died to save me. 

But I have learned that you can find light from many lamps.

Please allow me and Cliff to have our motorcycle.


astaryth said...

I'm with you Mosie! I ride my own motorcycle, and I love it. Actually, that is not exactly true. My bike (650 Sazuki Savage) is currently sitting here and not being ridden because I managed to lay it down on an onramp to the interstate this summer. We are waiting for pieces to get it back on the road. I hit a bad spot and oops there she goes <LOL>. But, the moral to the story is this: I was wearing boots, jeans, leather jacket and helmet. I was on my feet and had the bike back up before G. could turn his around and get back to me. Nothing was hurt except my pride and some road rash on my right forearm where jacket sleeve got pushed up. If I hadn't been dressed properly I would probably had been hurt much worse. Always dress appropriately, and that helmet is your friend!! It scares me when I see people riding in shorts, no helmet,  or other silly things. I love my bike, but I also know that it should be treated with respect. I think you guys are going to have a Blast!

ryanagi said...

Have you been getting a lot of critical feedback to your motocycle idea? Pfft to them. You guys have been around the block enough to know what's best for you. Go riding and forget about it! :-)

bnanajm said...

Go for it Mosie!!!

Pick me up at 7:00  LOL

gaboatman said...

I say go for it, too!  Good luck in your search for the right bike for the two of you.  I'll be looking for pictures of the new ride and one of both of you perched on the bike.

marainey1 said...

I too say - it's a good day to die!  - if you live your life to the fullest there can be no regrets - go for it!  Today is the gift - use it!  'On Ya'  - ma

amy122389 said...

Yeah, to what ryangi said!  You make sure to have Rachel get the first picture of y'all on your first motorcycle trip!  *wink*  (Do I hear Daytona Bike Week calling your name?!  Who might wind up on TV - the Travel Channel always films Bike Week....heh...)


siennastarr said...

I think you and Cliff should have any darn thing you want!  If  it makes the two of you happy to have a motorcycle, than go for it!  I'm scared to death of them, but heck, Mosie, I'm scared to death of everything! lol
I admire people that live life to the fullest, and you know what?  I agree with you about today being a good day to die.  I don't want to die, but I also don't want to live to be old and feeble, or sick and helpless.  I see it all the time in the ER.  It's just so sad.
I love your pictures!  Always love them!  Makes me want to come and visit you, just so I can sit and look at your beautiful field with or without the cows (preferably with them)  :)


csandhollow said...

Pat had me trying leather jackets on today. i am scared to death of the motorcycle but I will ride and overcome my fear.

memes121 said...

Life is too short not to follor your dream. Get that motorcycle and ride one time for me!