Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm a horse-whisperer again

We have an intercom between the house and Cliff's shop.  A while ago, Cliff buzzed me, and when I responded, he said, "Hey Donna, come out and catch Jessica's horse for her."

Tude always ran from his owners when they first brought him here, but I had worked with him a little and gotten him where he'd stand still while they walked up to him.  I guess he's had a relapse.

There was Jessica, a rope in one hand and a bucket of feed in the other (she had hoped to bribe him with grain), looking ready to cry.

"Here," I told her, "Give me the rope, and you take the bucket of feed."

I had several plans in mind, if Tude walked or ran away.  But what he did was take a couple of steps toward me, and when I got to him, I put the rope around his neck.  It was rather disappointing, really, because I wanted to show off my horse-whisperer abilities.

However, Jessica was duly impressed, and very thankful.  I had to laugh when she told him he wasn't getting any feed because he's been a bad boy.  As if he would connect not getting any feed to his naughty behavior, five minutes before.



siennastarr said...

Well, Mosie... looks like you've gotten past the "horse whisperer" stage, and have moved up to ESP.  You didn't even have to whisper anything to the horse...he read your mind! lol


memes121 said...

I wish I could talk my mom into reading some on this computer. She won't come near it! She would love your journal. She was raised on a farm.

jevanslink said...

Tude sure is nicelooking.  Is he a quarter horse?  Mrs. L

csandhollow said...

Champion wrangler!

kevinstellner said...


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