Tuesday, September 20, 2005

goodbye Allis, hello motorcycle

That's Cliff on "Alice" the Allis Chalmers tractor.  Back around 1970, my cousin had one like it, and Cliff helped him farm sometimes.  That D-17 became his dream tractor, the one he wanted above all others.

We bought this tractor, used, sometime in the 80's, I guess.  I know both kids still lived at home when we first got it.  It's been a faithful workhorse for us, and for years it did all the chores around here:  cut, raked and baled the hay; plowed snow from our driveway; mowed the pasture; hauled trash to the ditch; and so many other things.  Cliff has kept her in the shed when he wasn't using her, and painted her twice in the time she's been here.

Over two years ago, Cliff bought a little John Deere tractor (on my birthday, but we won't go there), and Allis has pretty much sat idle since then.  She just can't compete with all the bells and whistles on "Johnnie".  Our whole family has such a sentimental attachment to her that every time Cliff mentioned selling her in the past, we'd all yell, "No!!!!  Not Allis!"

Then Cliff's sister and her husband bought a Harley and gave Cliff this current motorcycle fever.  The most sensible way we could see to get the Honda Gold Wing he wants was to sell Allis; we'd tried before, but we figured we may as well give it another go.

A man in Iowa wants it.  He's seen pictures of every nook and cranny of that tractor.  I've taken shots of knobs and guages that I didn't realize existed.  He called today and said he's sending a check for $4,500 so we'll hold Allis for him. 

I can't say we're 100% certain it's sold,  because we don't have the check yet, and he hasn't seen Allis and heard her run.  We wouldn't hold him to the deal if there was something about the tractor he doesn't like.  But it sure looks like Allis is about to find a new home.

I have mixed feelings, and I'm sure Cliff does too.  I'll keep you posted.

I do know, now, how easily I could be replaced by a younger, newer model.  Allis, my sympathies are with you.

Be sure to read my daughter's comments and my son's comments.


madcobug said...

Good picture. But just think of the good times you and Cliff can enjoy riding a motorcyle. Right now I would bet Cliff is the only one having fun riding the Allis. We have some friends who have one and they go travel everywhere on it. There is even a club here called the The Holy Riders. The have fund drives for needy things and donate the money they take in to it. Have a good evening. Helen

fierrorachel said...

Just had a long cry.  My journal entry to come.

siennastarr said...

Awww... It's amazing how we can become attached to a piece of machinery!  But... it's all for the good!  You guys will be able to get that motorcycle, and get out and do some traveling! :)

As for being traded in for a new model?  I doubt it!  Just remember you're not getting older Mosie...You're getting better!  And better outweighs newer, every time!! :)


woodmotorsports said...

Damn, I may have to do an entry about this as well. I knew about the guy looking at it, but when I seen the picture front and center here, I already knew the story before I read it.

csandhollow said...

Mo, you are the cannot give back model. No return no refund. Dang, maybe we can all go on a ride sometime!

tendernoggle said...

Oh,Mosie, I just read your kid's journals and they had me crying..I am not lying...they really love that tractor and what she represents; home, daddy, mama,childhood,security..well you know what I mean...they talk of her as family...and here they have me calling the tractor:" her"  Lord, I feel so sorry for them....but I want you and CLiff to be happy too...please don't ask Me what I would do....lol
love ya,

bnanajm said...

Oh dear me.......where do I send the flowers?


marainey1 said...

What good is a tractor sitting around doing nothing??? She needs to be used and appreciated!  I hope the buyer comes through for you.  'On Ya' - ma