Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Saturday Six

Picture from Hometown

1. What do you tend to focus on the most?
   A.  The past.
   B.  The present.
   C.  The future as you think it will be.
   D.  The future as you are afraid it will be.

No doubt about it; I'm a live-in-the-present person.

2. Name three famous people (living or dead) whose blogs you would like to be able to read.

Joseph... the one in the Bible with the "coat of many colors"; Stonewall Jackson; I've been fascinated with his life every since I saw the place where he died, when I was visiting my friend Sue in Virginia; Jimmy Carter

3. How long have you lived in your current residence?  30 years in June  How much longer do you intend to live in the same place?  We'll live here until Cliff is too old or infirm to keep up with 42 acres; should he precede me in death, I'd sell the place and move.  I love it here, but I wouldn't even attempt to maintain the place.  And I don't drive, so I have no business in the country alone.

4. Take the
pointless quiz:  What color is your heart?  red 

5. How many of AOL's journalers have you met in person?  Of course I've met my son, my daughter, and my ex-daughter-in-law.  And three or four Internet friends from an old chat room have journals.  I've met a couple of them long before we had journals.  Just last Saturday, I met Toonguy, Sim, and Ksquester.      How many have you spoken with by telephone?  I actually dislike talking on the phone, and use it as little as possible.  No, except for the aforementionedrelatives, I've not talked to any journal friends on the phone.

6. RAPID FIRE Question #2:  Who or what is the most annoying:
   a) Politician
   b) Late Night Talk Show Host
   c) Color
   d) Habit
   e) Female Celebrity
   f) Male Celebrity
   g) Television Show
   h) Commercial
   i) Fashion Statement
   j) Word      

This shouldn't be such a hard question for me, but the truth is, I don't have that many things that annoy me, or at least I don't obsess on them.  I think I'll pass on this one.


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csandhollow said...

I am a present person