Tuesday, April 19, 2005

my cabin in the evening

I spent a couple hours at the cabin yesterday evening.  I had a few chores to do, like putting Contac covering on the table and getting the Deep Woods Off where it belonged.  When next-door, mushroom-thief-Marvin was a boy, his parents owned this portion of our land, and they had several trails where dirt bikes could climb the steep hills.  In front of my cabin, one such trail leads down toward the railroad tracks, angling toward the left.  When I rode Blue up it recently, I narrowly missed getting smacked in the face with branches and losing my glasses, because it had become so overgrown in places.  I took the lopping shears down the hill and remedied that situation, in less that fifteen minutes. 

My next clearing job is larger.  I want, somehow, to clear a big enough spot so I'll have one narrow, unobstructed view of the river bottom where I ride so often.  I started this task yesterday, but it isn't something that will be finished in a day or two.  I may even have to enlist Cliff with his chain saw, before I'm done.

I spent a lot of time on my porch in the woods, soaking in the peaceful aura and reading a poem or two. I did some browsing in a coffee-table-style book about native Americans... "The Mystic Warriors of the Plains".  It's a wonderful book with lots of pictures, and I now have a perfect place to sit and ponder, and appreciate, those who inhabited this land before me. 

My house sits right on the Santa Fe Trail, and also is in the path of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  So this land is saturated with history.

Mandy is a joy to have in the woods.  She'll head out on short jaunts through the brush, but never goes far from me.  She almost seems to worry about my well-being, as though she shouldn't leave me unattended for long.  If I go inside the cabin, so does she. 

Every time I'm at the cabin, I find it hard to tear myself away, even knowing I can return any time I wantto.  Oh, and I now have a propane campstove ordered.  As soon as I'm able to make coffee in the morning, I'll be spending an entire night.

I love it!


bookncoffee said...

Glad you are having fun in your new cabin.  I guess that particular spot IS rich in history.  Well, every spot is, we just don't always know "what".  LOL!  I think it's good to have Mandy with you.  I'm sure she enjoys getting out and having an adventure with you.  

whitedove3622 said...

I noticed the way Mandy was sitting on the porch  looking  like a dog with a mission. I can see by the way she goes everywhere with you that she is very much your guardian.

sanforized6 said...

What a neat place. The pics really give you the "feel". Get that coffee going, and have a ball!! rich

bnanajm said...

I get such pleasure seeing the pleasure you are getting from your cabin.  Again, you are a lucky girl.



csandhollow said...

I am so glad you have your cabin now. Cliff is one heck of a guy to do that for you!

spurgins311 said...

It sounds beautiful there and it sure sounds like you really enjoy yourself while you are there. It is wonderful to have such a place. Watch out for those branches...   :)

deveil said...

looks so peaceful, I could use that!


tendernoggle said...

I am so happy for you!!! To have a place all to yourself must be like Heaven!