Sunday, April 10, 2005

mushroom hunting... the EASY way

I went to the back of the grass pasture where we turn the horses out, to get them and put them in for the night.  There in a grove at the edge of my timber, on MY property, was my neighbor, Marvin, his son, and a couple of friends, looking for mushrooms.  Every year I catch him there; I've hollered at him, griped at his kids... nothing stops him from harvesting my mushrooms.  Some people say I should post the place "no trespassing" and press charges, but I wouldn't do this to a neighbor, especially a next-door one.  So, as I put the halter on Blue to lead him back, I simply glared at the group for a minute, then turned toward the house.  Next, I heard Marvin's boy hollering at me:  "Donna, Donna!"

I stopped and waited for him.  He said, "Here, we got some mushrooms for you."

It was only eight or ten small gray morels, about the same amount I found Thursday.  But added to what I already had, they'll make a nice main course for me and Cliff tomorrow.

Now, I know they didn't intend to give those mushrooms to me until I caught them in the act.  Nevertheless, I ended up with them.  The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

I told Marvin's son (he's about ten), "I really wouldn't mind you guys getting my morels every year, if you'd only give me a mess or two.  It hurts my knees to walk back here too much."

"Yeah, I know," Quinton answered.  Poor little guy.



whitedove3622 said...

Well God sure is good. He knows your heart Mo. He can work in the hearts of all people to bless his own and he sure does bless you in so many ways. Your life seems so full and so blessed I love your journals as much as I loved your poems. Thanks..... Dovey

csandhollow said...

I like mushrooms. Maybe you could fence in that small area where they grow? Just read Rachel's journal. Sounds like yall had a great day.

fierrorachel said...

I'm glad you're getting some mushrooms!  Maybe, if you catch them enough, you'll wind up with a gallon or so! LOL

lowis6535 said...

    I usta have the same problem with asparagus...
When people want to go deer hunting here, I always tell them that they have to give me some venison ... that works out, because I could never shoot my "pet" deer!  So, I'd have to go on somebody else's land to go hunting!  I did get a good supply last year.

simwarford said...

I found two in my front yard today, while I was mowing! I hope I didn't mow any down. The first spring we lived here, we picked a pretty good mess right out front. No one had lived here for a couple of years, and there was plenty of old, rotting wood; twigs, limbs, etc., not to mention the big ice storm we'd had (2002). We haven't found any since then, so I wasn't looking--but, there they were, right in front of the mower!
I don't soak them in salt water until about two hours before cooking them; I wash all mushrooms before I cook them, store-bought or not--but not until I'm ready to cook and eat!