Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One more mushroom entry

Actually, two skillets didn't quite hold all the mushrooms; when one was empty I had about a half-skillet more to fry.  We ate every morel, just Cliff and me!

Someone asked how I cook them:  First, I cut them in half and soak them in salt water at least two hours; I usually soak them overnight.  Drain the water off.  Now, my mom simply coated them in flour, and fried, but I dip them in a beaten-egg-and-milk bath and then roll in a mix of finely-crushed round crackers and flour.

As healthy as one might think mushrooms should be, they have virtually no vitamins.  And by the time you put all that breading on them and fry them, they are probably a health nut's nightmare.  Oh well, you gotta die of something.  Besides, morels are only around for about three weeks a year.


amy122389 said...

Breaded fried mushrooms are one of the best things......I even dip them in ranch dressing (which I normally dislike).....

You're makin' me hungry, Donna!  :)


csandhollow said...

Ilove em fried. Yea mushrooms have nothing. they are a free food, a filler on most diets.

sanforized6 said...

Sounds DELICIOUS!! Who cares about the vitamins?? rich

bookncoffee said...

Hubby sure would like to be there with you all to help you tackle those.  He is a mushroom eater and I'm not.  

Hope no one slips up and picks the wrong mushrooms.  That would scare me.

deveil said...

ok, your making me really hungry now, but I did go home a couple weeks ago and my mom gave me to frying skillets just like yours, and she greased em and cooked them for me while I was there, I made fried chicken this weekend.  But now I'm really wanting to try making those mushrooms, only they will have to be from the grocery store.  You ever made fried pickels?


tendernoggle said...

Those look so good! I have a cast iron skillet ike yours...it was my mama's.