Thursday, April 14, 2005

a quandary

This morning after my bath, I realized there was an itchy spot on my left shoulder that I could only reach with my fingertips.  I turned my back toward the mirror, got my head as far around as it would go (picture that gal in "The Exorcist"), and realized I had a tick back there.  All around his new feeding place was a swollen, red circle.

Cliff gets home at 1 AM, and sleeps until 8 AM or so.  I leave for work before 5:30.  I figured this was enough of an emergency to wake him, so I shook him lightly, got a mumbled response, and told him my problem.

It wasn't easy for him, but he got himself enough awake to see the tick through squinting eyes, and removed the pest.

"Thanks," I said.

"Any time you want to come in here naked, I'm more than willing," was his answer.  Men and their one-track minds.  Geesh.

I was telling the ladies about this, at break, and one of my friends said, "If you put baby oil over the tick, he'll turn loose because he can't breathe."

I thought it strange I'd never read about this remedy on the Internet, but one never knows.

This evening I felt a strange itch on the OTHER shoulder, back so far I could barely feel what it was with one fingertip.  Sure enough... another tick.  I can't even turn my head far enough to see this one in the mirror.

Baby oil, eh?  OK, I'll try it.  Plus, I got some Sevin dust back there to stick to the oil.  I know you're laughing but hey, I use Sevin on my dog.  It's good stuff!

That was all an hour ago.  The tick is still there, and evidently will be until 1 AM, when Cliff gets home.  It's a good thing I'm a hillbilly, and not very squeamish.

update at 7:30  The tick is gone!  I don't know where, but evidently he did NOT like Sevin dust.


ksquester said...

Mo, Watch for other need to get the whole tick out. So many ignore this, but deer ticks are pentiful and that equals lyme disease. Anne

lacaza3 said...

yep something about a naked woman..Men!!! oh my gosh ticks isnt thats dangerous
Donna In TEXAS

csandhollow said...

lyme is not the only problem. Vasaline is what you should use. It smothers them. It takes about 24 hours though. Did you know you cannot drown a tick?

csandhollow said...

i have been getting ticks all winter. It was not cold enough.
O yes. Mighty healthy man you got there! LOL

fierrorachel said...

I'm covering my ears as I chant, "na na na na na na na na"...I don't wanna hear about my dad, sounding like a (gasp!) husband!

tendernoggle said...

My doctor told me to use Vaseline.cover the tick good with it and it will turn loose after a while.
Keep an eye on that red could get infected.
Take care and check yourself good all over...

ryanagi said...

I was going to suggest Vaseline too. That red circle tho...that is worrysome. Check with your doc. Red circle = Lyme's disease in these parts.

toonguykc said...

I'm a little worried about the red circle and the swelling.  If the redness shows up again or if you have some flu-like symptoms --- please go to the doctor!   I'm a hypochondriac who is freakishly worried about Lyme Disease.    Russ

jeanno43 said...

Ticks, dreadful things, luckily we do not get too many of them over here.  You are brave, I would be screaming the house down!!!!

gabreaelinfo said...

I am terrified of spiders, leaches, and ticks. Uggh.

bookncoffee said...

Oh, these ticks.  We get them everytime we go hiking in the Big South Fork.  Not too many right around in our yard.  Don't they like Cedar trees?  I have always heard that.

domesticatedchic said...

I have lyme disease titers.. I have had many a tick.. you might want to get tested because if its caught early.. they can treat you so you wont get real bad symptoms later.. which can be very chronic .. a bulls eye is an indicator usually.. does the red spot look like that?
:) Love your journal!