Wednesday, April 20, 2005

my day

Look at those two trees in the distance:  between them, you can  barely make out my town's water tower.  If my daughter and son-in-law get the house they're trying for, they will be directly across the street from that water tower... you could almost say UNDER it.

I've been riding daily, but since nothing unusual has occurred, I haven't mentioned it.  Yesterday was blustery and cloudy, and I was afraid it would rain, so I turned around toward home about four miles out.  Today was overcast too, but I didn't think there was rain forecast; so when I felt scattered raindrops on my head a half-mile after I left home, I ignored them.  I rode in the river bottom, watching for that bald eagle I saw once, noticing how low the Missouri still is.  The only wildlife I saw was two deer we scared up, and that's no uncommon sight.  However, when I was about as far as I planned to get from home, there started a steady sprinkle.  What's more, I heard distant thunder.  Blue hates thunder, and I hate lightning.  Time to head home for sure!  I was damp by the time I got back, but not really drenched.  Cliff was worried, of course; he had no way to know how far away I was, and he respects lightning, too.

Around 3 PM I went to the cabin, figuring to read a book.  And I did.  In fact, I read several pages in two different books, and dozed briefly.  When I heard whooping and hollering nearby, I knew Marvin and family were coming over to mushroom hunt.  They chose to put forth most of their efforts in the deep gulch east of my cabin, and I could hear every word they said.  Judging by their conversations, I'd say they made quite a haul. 

When Marvin brought those mushrooms over yesterday, he told me I had better start watching for the big ones to pop up, and I told him my knees limit my mushroom-hunting.

"I'll find them for you," he said.  "And give you half."

"Marvin," I answered, "If you give me a couple of good-sized messes a year, I'll be happy."

If I'd agreed on taking half, I'd have always been wondering (knowing Marvin and all) if that was REALLY half he was giving me.  This way, perhaps I'll get some morels each year and not resent Marvin's presence on my place.

Of course, I can't help but wonder if I'll get any of the ones he found today.  But I'm the one who said "just a couple messes a year".


fierrorachel said...

Glad he wasn't talking bad about you.  He wasn't talking bad about you, right?

bookncoffee said...

I don't really like storms so that would have scared me to hear thunder and then the horse would know I was scared and then a bad scene would take place from there.  LOL!  Funny that you ended up ease dropping today with out even meaning to.

tendernoggle said...

Glad you had a nice day. Lol...Marvin's at it again, huh??? lol

spurgins311 said...

Loved the rained here. We got a pretty good storm in St. Louis. I see your horse's ears in the picture. :)
That water tower is a little hard to see...but I can see it. Have a great weekend.

sanforized6 said...

That's what you get for "messing" around!! LOL rich