Saturday, April 16, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

Picture from Hometown

1. If you played last week, did you actually go back to the very first edition of the "Saturday Six" to see what the first set of questions really were?  Were you surprised at the answer?  No, I'm too lazy.  I wish you'd tell me what it was.

2. When you signed on to AOL today, how many new E-mails were in your Inbox?  How many were in your Spam Folder?  Probably more than 20 new e-mails, because I get lots of journal alerts.  I never check my spam folder.

3. If there was one childhood friend from your youth that you could meet today to find out what happened to them, who would it be and why?  Honestly, I've not had a lot of close friends, even in childhood.  I suppose it would be interesting to know what happened to Billy Wyant, a little boy I played with when I was around 11.

4. How much weight would you like to gain or lose?  25 pounds  Whose body would you most like your own to resemble?  My own when I was 21.

5. What is the last CD or cassette you listened to in your car?  Probably Waylon Jennings "Dreaming My Dreams".

6. RAPID FIRE QUESTION #1:  "The last time."  When is the last time you:
a. ...Lied to someone you care about?  I don't recall such a time
b. ...Were tempted to reveal a secret that no one else knows?  Every time I KNOW such a secret
c. ...Payed a bill online?  The end of last month; I always make our house payment online.
d. ...Saw a movie trailer that made you want to see the movie it advertised?  Don't remember
e. ...Took an aspirin or pain reliever?  I take arthritis-strength Tylenol every day that I work, for my knee pain.
f. ...Hung up on someone?  The last time a telemarketer called.
g. ...Turned down an invitation to a party?  We always turn down the invitation to Cliff's Christmas party.  We're not dress-up people, and we're not partiers.
h. ...Filled your car's gas tank?  I don't drive, but Cliff filled ours a few days ago.  If he stops for gas, he always fills the tank.
i. ...Had an unexpected knock on your door?  about an hour ago, the renter's 14-year-old son, who is supposed to be camping in our pasture with other kids tonight, wanted the key to his house (his mom is gone).  I conveniently couldn't find the key.
j. ...Ate a meal that left you absolutely stuffed?  This morning; we had breakfast burritoes with morel mushrooms I'd found, and home-cured bacon on the side.


ksquester said...

YOU may not be a party person, but I know one party you are going to go to soon.  ;-)    Anne

csandhollow said...

Smart about the key. LOL The answer for #1 was the lottery question. Are we sisters?