Monday, April 25, 2005

I hate meds!

I had a tick bite that developed into a splotchy, bulls-eye patch that looked very much like Lyme disease.  Anne, the lady I met Saturday, had me send her a picture of the rash, and her husband (who ought to know, since he's a dermatologist... I think) said it was likely Lyme. 

But before Anne saw the picture, I went to my doctor's office Thursday and saw a nurse-practitioner.  I was armed with plenty of information, thanks to the Internet.  So I was surprised when she said they'd take blood and test for Lyme, because my information (Anne's husband confirmed this) says you won't test positive for Lyme until at least a month after exposure.  It had been less than a week since I got my tick bite.  But as much time as I spend in the woods each year, and as many tick-bites as I've had, at least figured I'd know if I had it previously.

I was given a prescription for a ten-day supply of Doxycycline, 100 MG, to be taken twice a day, with a large glass of water, to avoid esophogal problems.  I noted that anti-acids are not to be taken with this medication.  They interfere with it, somehow.

Today I got a call from the clinic:  The Lyme test was negative.  Big surprise. 

So, I told her my feelings about the blood test.  And also, that I'd read that the antibiotic should be taken for 28 to 30 days after the rash shows.

"So, do you want another Lyme test after thirty days?" 

"No, I just want enough antibiotic to make thirty days' worth.  And by the way, I'm having horrible heartburn.  Could you find out if there's anything I can take that won't interfere with the medicine?"  (Years ago, I had an espophageal ulcer; and I do NOT care to experience that again.)

She took notes and said the nurse-practicioner won't be in until Wednesday, but will get in touch with me then.

On the bright side, my blood sugar was 100, and I'd had a big breakfast that morning.  My cholesterol and all the other things they test for were perfect.

At the clinic Thursday, my temperature was 96.9, as always (if it's ever up to 98.6, it means I have a fever).  And my blood pressure was something like 120 over 65. 

I'm glad I am so disgustingly healthy, because prescription drugs sure don't agree with me!


madcobug said...

Glad your test turned out negative and I hope you can take the antibotics and nothing shows up later. That place looks nasty. Sounds as if you are in pretty good health otherwise. I can relate to that acid reflux. I had it bad for years and had to take medication all the time. I had developed a cough from medications. My hubby finally raised the head of my bed about 2 inches or more a couple of months ago and now I hardly ever have it. Thank the Good Lord. Helen

ryanagi said...

Hmm...sounds like the NP isn't up on Lyme's. Glad you asked for the additional script and hope you can do something about the heartburn. I'd go back for a retest in a month, just to be sure.

ora4uk said...

Hey Mosie....I am happy it isn't I am sure you are too...LOL...and stay healthy girl...looking forward to so much fun in July in Kansas/Missouri....Love and hugs....Ora and Mixon

msecz said...

you are one smart lady... I just love to learn things on the internet too. Don't like to go to doctors but in a case like yours I woould be waiting in line because I know they have the stuff to cure me.... keep on it even if they say it s not and after a month go back again. Its nice to know you didn't have it before too isn't it?  Take care, Sandra

astaryth said...

It's pretty sad when you know more about the disease and testing and what medicine to take and how long than the person you are PAYING to know this stuff <shaking head>... But, I think I would still want the retest at the end of the 30 days! Sounds like you are pretty healthy otherwise though!!!

domesticatedchic said...

To be on the safe side wait until 7 weeks after the bite to get retested.. as it can sometime not show until then.. I have the titers myself :) Mel

bookncoffee said...

Oh, my.  This is a classic case of a person needing to take their health care into their own hands.  You know more of what you need than the doc, it sounds like.
That picture looks scary and exactly like pics I've seen of the bullseye.  I think you should consider another test in 30 days or longer.  Just in case.  Watch yourself, b/c I don't want my journal buddy to be ill!  

toonguykc said...

I'm still worried!  I am a hypochondriac and I want you to get tested again.  At least you've been given the okay to get some antacid relief.  My sister in the secret service got exposed to anthrax while demonstrating mail handling techniques to D.C. postal workers and she had to take some gut-busting antibiotics.  (Turns out simple surgical masks don't help).  I'm going to bug (no pun intended) you about getting re-tested.  Count on it.   Russ

alphawoman1 said...

Oh yuck!  It looks so painful.  I am very healthy most the time.  My maladies are always skin related too....shingles, posion ivy (severe!!).  I had a tick about two years ago...I freaked out. I had to get on line to figure out how to remove it.  Thank god for the internet!

tendernoggle said...

This is nothing to fool around with..please make sure you do get tested again.
Thinking of you,