Saturday, April 23, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

This week, Patrick asked these questions from a non-AOL site, since so many J-landers have been having problems with journals.  Click here to find Patrick's new site.

1. If you could ask any question of the head honcho of AOL about the recent journal concerns, what would your question be? 

Why can't you restore Armand's journal which you deleted?

2. How many journals do you visit regularly in an average week...or...if you use a blog aggregator service like "Bloglines," how many journals do you have in your subscription lists? 

Just guessing, I'd say I visit 50 or more in a week, because I'll be reading one of my regulars and then check out some of the favorites they've linked, while I'm there.

3. Back in July,
I asked which of the Seven Deadly Sins (pride, envy, gluttony, anger, greed, sloth, and lust,) you were most guilty of. Now, it's time to pat yourselves on the back and figure out which one you are the least guilty of. 

I'd say lust.  But then, I'm an old lady.

4. Recent reports indicate that some pharmacists are refusing to sell their customers the controversial "morning-after pill" when the customer prevents their prescription. Should pharmacists be allowed to refuse to sell a medication for which a customer presents a valid prescription based on their own religious beliefs? 

Well, I guess that's no different than a doctor refusing to perform an abortion.  After all, the person can go to another pharmecy and get her prescription.  I had to re-think this one, and delete my first answer, by the way.

5. Take
this personality test: What type of personality does it say you are? Then go back to this page, click the link that matches your results. Read the description: how accurate do you think it is about you? 

My type is ISFP.  The description is somewhat accurate, but I wavered on some of my answers.  For a few of the questions in the test, I needed a third choice.... like "I don't care" or "I don't know", rather than having to choose yes or no.

SpringsNymph: You've received an unexpected windfall of $50,000. What home improvement would you spend it on?

I don't like much about my house.  I'd choose to pay off the $38,000 we owe on it, tear it down, and go buy a simple modular home to put in its place.  The only reason we haven't done this is that the bank won't let us tear down this old house while we owe them money on it.  And banks hate modular homes, so we can't simply re-finance and throw in the price of the modular.

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csandhollow said...

LOL I had to say lust also!