Saturday, April 23, 2005

Journals make me re-think ideas

Regarding this question from Patrick, in my previous entry: 

4. Recent reports indicate that some pharmacists are refusing to sell their customers the controversial "morning-after pill" when the customer prevents their prescription. Should pharmacists be allowed to refuse to sell a medication for which a customer presents a valid prescription based on their own religious beliefs? 

My first answer, which I deleted, was no, a pharmacist should not be allowed to refuse the customer.  Then I pondered awhile, and decided to the contrary... yes, they should be allowed to refuse a customer.  But after reading some answers from other J-landers, and reading their well-thought-out reasons for their answers...

I don't know.  It's another of those issues where there doesn't seem to be any right answer, for me.  But seeing the other viewpoints has certainly made me think... and that's a good thing. 


csandhollow said...

Reading other people's answers to some of Patricks questions always gets me to thinking.

annalisa135 said...

See, this is often my problem.  I can understand both sides of the debate, but then I sit on the fence because I can't decide which is better.

My personal feeling is if my pharmacist wouldn't sell me a medication that I needed, then I would take it to another pharmacy that would.  That's just my view on it.  Sure, they have the right to not sell a product.  In return, I have the right to take my business elsewhere.

Things that make me think are the best kinds out there!  Lots of love, Anna