Monday, April 18, 2005

updates, news and notes

Today I bought two containers of Deep Woods Off; one for the cabin and one for my home.  Now if I can just remember to use it, perhaps there'll be no more ticks invading my person.  As for the red spots the ticks left on me last week, those are gone.  That's a good sign there's NO lyme disease. 

Four boys went back to camp in my cabin Saturday night, but one had told his mom his cousin, Ryan, was with them, and he wasn't.  Once his mom uncovered that little untruth, she sent his big sister after him.  That left our renter's boy, Luke; his cousin who's been staying with him lately; and Marvin's boy, Quinton.  I worried somewhat about Quinton, since he's younger than the other two, and they're roughnecks.  But Sunday morning, everyone looked happy.  The cabin is intact, although there was a red, sticky substance all over the table and floor, and when I went back to inspect the place, ants were having a heyday.  I threatened them with eternal banishment from my castle, but of course I'll relent in my own good time.

Blue had his shoes re-set today, to the tune of $70.  I asked the farrier if it would hurt anything to wait eight weeks between visits, rather than six; this would save me a little money over the summer.  He said that would be fine and shouldn't cause a problem.


tendernoggle said...

Wow, I didn't realise that it cost that much for horses to be shoed!  Gracious!!!
Glad you got some OFF !!!!! I was worried about you and those ticks!

toonguykc said...

Please be careful when walking in the woods!  I'm extremely paranoid about ticks and mosquitoes this season.  It's been wet and the winter was mild.  Be careful!!  

bookncoffee said...

Wonder what the red sticky substance was?  Ick.  Hope the ants are gone, as well as the ticks.  Never really thought about how much horse shoes would be.  I guess I am glad I don't have to worry about THAT.  LOL!  Our poodle trim is bad enough and I also try to extend from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, but she gets so shaggy!!!

fasttrack58 said...

I am loving following this story of your very own cabin...
What an adventure!!!
$70.00, that's how much I paid for my teenagers tennies. Lol.
Have fun in your cabin! Linda