Thursday, April 21, 2005

another journal for you to check out

The most heart-wrenching journal I read is "Watching My Sister... Disappear".  Click on the link if you want to read about a lady who is watching Alzeimer's disease take her sister away from her.  If I could only read one journal, this would be the one.  It could happen to any of us; I only hope to God, if it happens to me, that I have someone who loves me as much as the lady who keeps this blog loves her sister.


lacaza3 said...

I have this journal on my alerts and we have talked through e-mail on occasion
My grandfather died from alzimhers so I can realte somewhat..Its not exactly the same...She is a very sweet lady and I enjoy talking with her
Donna In TEXAS

dbaumgartner said...

I read this journal and it is the most touching and openly honest journal I've read in a long, long time.

tendernoggle said...

I read htis journal too.sometimes it is so painful though because my mom is in the first stages of this horrible disease.

spurgins311 said...

Hi Jeannette,
I read her journal sometimes. My grandmother had this horrible thing and we watched her slowly leave us (mentally). Have you ever watched the movie...THE NOTEBOOK? It has something to do with that, a very touching movie, James Garner plays in it.

Have a great weekend...