Friday, April 15, 2005

FOUND: one mushroom, five ticks

I went for a long hike with my dog, looking for mushrooms.  My goodness, I've never SEEN ticks so bad!  At one point I looked down and saw four of them, crawling on my T-shirt.  Then I had to have Cliff remove one more when I got to the house.  In previous years, ticks seemed to like my head.  This year, they are enjoying my backside.  Anyhow, as you can see by the pictures above, my woods is a wonderful place to be... except for the ticks.

Cliff should get my cabin finished today, and set in place.  Since he's taking a vacation day and will be home this evening, I may get to spend tonight in it; he can stay here at the house with the granddaughters.  We'll see.  I'll take pictures of him moving it, when the time comes.


simwarford said...

It looks like you got a lot of advice on ticks and such; the red circle is worrisome to me, too. I've heard a lot of a lot of different ways to get ticks off--like red-hot needles poked through their little carapaces--oil, vaseline, alcohol--I don't know which, if any, work best. I had one crawling on me yesterday; Doug pulled one off his chest in the shower this morning. I told him to keep an eye on it. We'd been out mushrooming again yesterday evening (and didn't find any, though I got a few more asparagus spears). I found another at the base of the same tree in my front yard yesterday morning! So Doug fried all three up when we got home--we at least got a taste!--and I steamed the asparagus. Heaven!

ryanagi said...

gaaawd my skin is crawling. ick. I think you need to douse yourself in Deep Woods Off, my dear. :-)

csandhollow said...

What happened to the DEEP WOODS OFF? Ya'll sure are a house moving family! LOL