Sunday, May 1, 2005

Internet relationships

I've met so many dear people on the Internet, I can't even count them.  I've confided in some of them to an extent you would not believe.  There are some sweet ladies who'd do whatever it takes to help me, if I had a genuine need.  I've been in the homes of two friends on the east coast... Joanna and Sue... that I met on the Internet.  There's one of the dearest strong-willed Texas ladies you'll ever meet, Frankye... I've been in her home.  And Wilona, in Arkansas, has a bed that I claim as "mine".  I do allow her daughters to use it when they visit her.

The reason I'm thinking along these lines is that a wonderful man on one of my message boards, Kountry Living, has had yet another stroke.  His handle on the board is "DeadCarp".  If you want to see some of his views, click HERE for his website.

Sometimes people on a message board can be nit-picky to newcomers.  For instance, a person who can't type well, or whose spelling isn't the best, might be corrected by the "board police".  Any time an underdog was jumped on at Kountry Life, DeadCarp was the one to speak up for them.

All of us on the forum have watched him recovering from his last stroke... he's a true hero in my book; this morning his children informed us he'd had another one.  When I saw the outpouring of good wishes, it touched my heart.

Say what you want about the liars and game-players on the Internet.  When the chips are down, you learn that people really DO still care about others.  I have been so blessed by the friends I've made here.

Here's the post from DC's son, and the responses.  Incredible.  Click here.



bookncoffee said...

Hope your friend is ok.

jeanno43 said...

Have visited and left a message.  Thank you.  I hope he makes a complete recovery. xx

csandhollow said...

I so agree with you. I have found that the people here are the same as the people out there. I treasure my friends I have made.