Saturday, January 8, 2005

old hillbilly music

From my travels around J-Land, I gather a majority of our bloggers prefer some form of rock music.  Please accept my disclaimer for this entry:  Today's topic won't interest you.

One of the reasons I love the Internet is that you can find virtually ANYTHING!  I mentioned that song, "The Blizzard", in a recent entry, and decided I simply must hear it.  Within five minutes, Jim Reeves was singing it on my computer, with the wind blowing in the background as he slowly froze to death.

Since my bout of strumming and singing the other day when we were without power (I have blisters on my fingertips from that, by the way), I've been thinking about my old friend, Leona, now deceased.  She introduced me to several of the songs I most enjoy singing.  I stopped in the middle of singing, The Root Of All Evil Is A Man to tell Cliff, "I first heard that from Leona."

As I recall, Lee had an uncle in prison, and he had left behind a spiral notebook of country song lyrics he'd collected, from which she sang often.  Many of the songs were old, obscure country numbers I'd never heard of, so of course when I think of those, I hear Leona singing them in my mind.

Yesterday I got thinking about a song whose title I didn't even know.  It was one Leona sang, and there's a line in it that says, "I wanna drink my java from an old tin can...".  I Googled that line and found out the title of the song is "Texas Plains".  Then I went to the best site ever, for a sixty-year-old who sometimes longs to hear songs she heard on the radio as a child:  The Record Lady.

My daughter, and others in her age group, won't find this site useful.  Just my hillbilly senior citizen readers... which may only be a couple of people!

Keep in mind that the Record Lady is a listener-supported website.  I occasionally leave a paypal donation, because I don't know any other place to find these old songs and actually hear the original artist singing them. 

While on that subject:  sometimes I'm strumming my guitar and want to sing a particular musty old country song, but don't know the lyrics.  When that happens, I go to Cowpie Song Corral, print the words off, and sing my heart out.

Have a great weekend, folks!  I look forward to watching a half-hour of Green Day on FUSE tonight with my granddaughter, Monica.  See?  I listen to a wide variety of music!  I'm still hoping Green Day comes to Kansas City this year.


astaryth said...

Hmmm... I like Rock music, but I am a Country person at heart... And, so are a few other of us <g>. I grew up listening to Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash..... I don't like all Country, but I don't hate all modern music either... I listen to a little of everything like you do. If I like what I hear, I listen <g>... But the presets on my car radio are split in half... 3 with Country for me and 3 with Rock/classics for G.

spurgins311 said...

Sorry about your friend, she looked so young and happy. The song you wrote about her was so pretty. I love country music, my Mom listened to it a lot when I was growing up and I learned to love Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Wanda Jackson and all those oldies but goodies. then I was a teen in the 60's, so the Beatles and Elvis, all those English groups were my cup of tea ...Today's country is different and I like most of it. Got to listening to the 80's music when my daughter was a teen and I liked some of that. Can't do the music today (teenagers) listen to, the rap stuff I can't stand. Soft rock is nice....

Sharon :)

ryanagi said...

Well...while I may not find your links useful to me, personally...I will second the notion about how you really can find ANYTHING on the internet. I love the net. :-)