Monday, January 10, 2005


Cliff's sister saves their garbage for our pigs; she keeps it in a bag in the freezer, and when they come to visit (which is most every weekend) the pigs have a treat.  A couple weeks ago, along with her frozen stuff, she brought a bottle of blackstrap molasses for the hogs, too.  It was a full bottle, and I really hated to see the pigs get something I could put to a better use.

I've always loved gingerbread warm from the oven, topped with whipped cream or Cool Whip.  But after years of making it fairly often, Cliff broke the news to me a long time ago that he really didn't care that much for it, and I stopped making it.

However, with the granddaughters here Sunday, I figured it was as good a time as any to get creative and use the molasses, so I made a nine-serving panful.  I had a piece, warm, with Cool Whip, and it was as good as I remembered.  Cliff even ate some, with Jello AND Cool Whip, and pronounced it "pretty good".  Natalie, my granddaughter, took a piece home with her (I don't think her sister was so crazy about it).  This morning when I went to work, there was one piece of gingerbread left, in a Rubbermaid container.  Cliff doesn't like it, right?  So all day, at work, I thought about that last piece of gingerbread awaiting my return home.

Well, I've looked the kitchen over with a fine-tooth comb, and that gingerbread is nowhere to be found.  Obviously, my husband (the gingerbread-hater) has eaten MY treat!

As I type this, there's another pan of gingerbread in the oven, making the kitchen smell divine.  And should this panful disappear (the next-door twin boys often eat lunch with Cliff), I think there's just enough blackstrap molasses for one more batch.

Oh, and here's an update:  there may be a waffle maker on my horizon:  Someone who shall remain nameless knows of one that has never been used, and if she can sneak it away from her grandma, it's mine!


ksquester said...

Darn YOU Mo...First it was waffles and now it is gingerbread. I always make it in the fall, but this year I didn't. Now I am salivating. I love it will lemon sauce or lemon curd on it. That does it......I am going out and getting the ingredients to make it. As for Cliff, he is sounding more and more like my husband. It's a good thing we are Christians.....we HAVE to love them...oh how they test us!   Anne

sam7md2 said...

Mo, I haven't had a piece of gingerbread since my mother died in 1975 and my mouth is watering too for a piece after reading this entry.  Would you be so kind as to post your recipe for Gingerbread.  Maybe I can get Margee to make a pan while I'm at work.  Thanks!  Love ya........Sam

amy122389 said...

Waffle party at Mo's house!!  hee hee hee.....I'm jealous!  <g>

ryanagi said...

All I can say is mmmmmm

plieck30 said...

Oh boy does that sound familiar. Not gingerbread, but other things John doesn't like but they somehow disappear. I just can't wait to eat it and when I get home its gone.