Sunday, January 30, 2005

I wish I'd written that

Thanks to Flylady, I've gotten my CD collection dusted and in order, and I'm re-discovering the huge collection of Gospel and worship music I own.  This morning I heard this song I had completely forgotten about, and typed off the lyrics so I can sing it myself.  

John Hemphill
(Sung by the Cathedrals)

I’m not even worthy of all of the blessings
That I’ve had while living below.
When I think of Heaven and all of its splendor,
I know I’m not worthy to go.
Lately I’ve tried to do what You wanted
And be what You’d have me to be,
But when you make up your jewels and call in your own,
Jesus have mercy on me.
Jesus have mercy on one of Your children
Who’s failed and been far from the best.
Jesus have mercy on one who’s unworthy
And already overly blessed.
I’ve heard of the glory that awaits all the saints,
But that’s too high to hope to be.
But when You look in the book and You’re calling the roll,
Jesus have mercy on me.

Lord I’m down here where You used to be,
But I’ve failed all the tests that You passed.
I’m sure I won’t be first in the race,
But “run it” was all that You asked.
When I stand before You on that final day
I’m sure that You’ll plainly see
It’s not justice I’m needing, but mercy, oh Lord.
Jesus, have mercy on me.


bookncoffee said...

I read the poem and it is so true.  I'm not worthy either.  And I hope He has mercy on me!

jeanno43 said...

Beautiful and full of meaning. Thank you for sharing.