Thursday, January 13, 2005

Weekend Assignment #43: Your Own Flag

Weekend Assignment #43: Congratulations, you've become your own soverign state! Design a flag for the United States of You, using no more than three colors and one symbol (the symbol can be of any color). Explain your design choices.  Don't worry about actually making the flag -- you can just tell us about it.

My flag would be three colors:  Blue on top for the Missouri sky, white in the middle, which represents nothing at all, but since the bottom color is green for our pastures, and blue and green next to one another aren't too pleasing, there you are.  And in the middle of my flag is a tractor with a horse on one side of it (representing mine and Cliff's interests) and a coyote howling (representing the wildlife in our woods) on the other.  There you are:  the flag that flies over Mosieland!

 Extra credit: make a picture of the flag. Because, let's face it, that's time-intensive.  Well, that's out, since I don't have a clue how to make such a flag on my computer.  If my granddaughters were here, I'd have them draw and color a picture for me, and then scan it.  Oh well.


fierrorachel said...

Want me to design a flag for ya?  Maybe the extra credit won't apply, but it might be fun!

cneinhorn said...

that's okay that there's no picture of it, your description explained it perfectly :-)