Tuesday, January 4, 2005

it's starting

Oh yeah, I can hear that sleet peppering against my north window; the weather folks got it right this time.  I'm safely home, and I took a vacation day for tomorrow.  My main concern now is Cliff:  he gets off work at midnight, and the roads he and Tony travel coming home aren't main arteries, since we live in the boonies.  I'll be praying a lot this evening. 

If you don't see any new entries here for a day or two, you'll know my power is out.


boodotte said...

Same story here on the Kansas side of KC, Mo.  Ice is about half inch thick right now on my trees.  Don is at work on standby.  I don't expect him home until the ice is off the trees.  I'm on my knees right along with you for Cliff and anyone else stuck out there.  Stay safe and warm.  If I keep power, I'll be checking here to see how you're faring.  Joyce

ksquester said...

I am praying that it won't be bad and Cliff will arrive home safely. Then are tornado warnings here in Scottsdale.....go figure?  Be safe   Anne