Wednesday, January 26, 2005

FlyLady, I'm tired

I didn't work today, since we were offered Voluntary time off at the end of the day yesterday.  I didn't work at my job, that is.  I did plenty of hard labor in my zone today, which is the bedroom.  Flylady doesn't want me doing so much in one day, but I knew I'd probably be working the next two days, so I broke the rules. 

In the process of uncluttering my junk room upstairs, I found out the roof still leaks around an unused chimney; it had been patched years ago, but I don't think it ever quit leaking.  Cliff and I had a couple of disagreeable words about the subject, but he finally agreed to get someone to make a bid and see how much a new roof would cost.  I talked to the banker where we have our mortgage and he OK'd it.  This housecleaning may get rather costly for poor Cliff.  I'm giving him a lot of "honey-do's" now, too, little things that need patching up that didn't bother me before.

The two horses are doing great together.  I halter each of them once a day and lead them seperately to grass or grain, so they'll both have pleasant associations with the halter.  It appears to me that Brat is already filling out a little, but it seems awfully soon for that; it might be wishful thinking.

I am officially a part-time worker now.  Next week I'll work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Any time I have a choice, those will be my days to work.  However, the supervisor can choose which days I show up.  I have to work at least two days a week.  I can surely do that!


heyuno said...

Pop' going to start hating the fly lady if she keeps COSTING him money. LOL at least he has a clean house.

marainey1 said...

You are doing more than I with Fly Baby...I just finally put my dish drainer away under the shinning sink!  How wonderful to be part time...I have to work til I can't do it anymore and thank the good Lord - I still can !  Keep up the good work !  'On Ya'  - ma

sanforized6 said...

Sounds like my kind of job. I don't know what's going on. look at this itsy bitsy type!! rich

ksquester said...

Sounds to me like you are getting your spring cleaning done a bit early this year. Glad the horses are getting along so well.  Kiss Mandy for me. Luke, the wonder dog, had surgery last week, on his butt. He is doing better now and we all got a good nights sleep last night. Anne

fierrorachel said...

Poor Dad.  Make sure he knows that Kevin can help him do those things, as well as getting the material cheap.  Don't wear him out...someone's gotta feed my horse when you're at work!

bookncoffee said...

Enjoy some time off.  And it sounds like you are getting really organized!  
I don't think Hubby likes to have to do the "honey do's" either.  We always have a few differences when it comes to having things fixed.  I have an awful back door, b/c it still shuts most of the time - it's ugly, the cat's have scratched it.  Hubby says it still works so we don't need another.  I am sooooo embarrassed over the darn door when company comes.  I have even asked for a new door for Christmas but still didn't get one.  LOL!  Don't "fly" to hard.

lowis6535 said...

  MURPHEY'S LAW:  "Work expands to fill the available time."
I just don't know how I ever had time to go trucking, now that I'm retired!
  You give me inspiration to try to develop long-lost housekeeping organization ... I will make more visits to "Fly Lady" ... and conquer the make-over one step at a time.  The sink thing is a HUGE triumph!

firestormkids04 said...

Flylady and I parted paths for a while yesterday as well.  I couldn't find my tenny's (which I hate) and it seems if I shine that sink, someone immediately drops a full bowl into it.  I went on strike.  Cleaning a single drawer today - that's all - I haven't even an idea what "zone" I should be in!  Smiling, Penny