Thursday, January 6, 2005

We have electricity

I have to admit, there's something in me that enjoys a power outage; hard to believe, I know, when I'm so addicted to the Internet.  But I like to camp out, too (it's that "wanting to be an Indian" thing).  We lost electricity about 8 AM yesterday, and it came back on last night around midnight.  Cliff decided not to go to work, and I was glad for that.  It's boring to sit around in the dark alone.  Having nothing else to do, I put new strings on my guitar and sang until my fingertips were sore.  One of my minor New Year's resolutions is to get my guitar out and sing at least one song daily; that will keep my callouses intact, if nothing else.  Some songs I sang:  "Bobby McGee"; "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"; "Jesus Was a Capricorn"; "Another Place, Another Time"; "Wedding Bells"; "When He Was On The Cross"; "The Root of all Evil is a Man"; and "It Is No Secret".  Wow, no wonder my fingers are sore today!  There were more... that's just the ones I remember offhand.  I had to stick to songs to which I know all the words, because it was too dark to read.  Cliff and I zipped two sleeping bags together (from the camper) and snuggled into them before 8 PM; we talked for perhaps an hour before I drifted off to sleep.

This, my friends, is the "Blackout Buddy".  I bought one for Cliff, for Christmas.  It didn't cost much, maybe $15.  As soon as the electricity goes off, a light on the "Buddy" goes on.  It gives you a clock, a light, and a radio.  We used the radio quite a bit yesterday.  I couldn't believe we used it so soon after my buying it.

Today I'll go to work, although my right knee is starting to feel exactly like my left knee did before surgery, hurting when I try to straighten it out.  I expect to have a painful day because of this, but I'm going to give it my best shot.  If it gets too bad I'll call Cliff and use FMLA time.


bnanajm said...

Your bad weather may be contributing to your knee pain.  Cold and damp will do that.

Wow...Jesus was a Capricorn?   So am I.  :o)

Missed you yesterday.


ksquester said...

So that's who I heard singing last night! You do have a fine voice Mo. Next time I have a request, "Well, It's Cryin Time Again, You're gonna leave me, I can see that far away look, in your eyes!"  lol  It's so good to have you back online. I get used to checking on journal people and you were missed yesterday.  Anne

cneinhorn said...

Hope the weather improves....a few more months and spring will be upon us!


csandhollow said...

I am glad you have one of those.
the cold probally got to you.
I would not let it go as long as you did the other knee

plieck30 said...

"It Is No Secret" is one of my favorites. I hadn't heard of the black buddy, but we don't have too many outages. It must have come in very handy. Paula