Saturday, January 15, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

Since I'm not getting AOL alerts lately, I almost missed Patrick's Saturday Six.  I happened to remember what day it was and went to see... sure enough, there it was.

1. You achieve a high level of fame in your chosen career.  Calls begin coming in for interviews...if you could only appear on one of the following shows, which would you select?
A) Today
B) Live! with Regis and Kelly
C) The Daily Show
D) Oprah
E) David Letterman
F) Jay Leno
G) Jerry Springer

     A. Today  
2. You have the opportunity to briefly become another person in another body, then spend 48 hours alone with the real you.  Would you do it?  Sure, for 48 hours I think I can stand myself; I'll bet I'd become a better person afterwards, though.

3. You have the opportunity to briefly become another person in another body and live a normal life for 48 hours.  Would you dare to spend two days as a member of the opposite gender?  Yes; as I said in the previous entry, I can stand about anything for 48 hours.
4. Compared to previous years, did you spend more or less money on Christmas gifts?  How soon do you think you'll have all of the bills for Christmas paid off?  Less, and the bills are paid off.
5. What is the first toy you remember playing with?  a pedal-car fire engine I had.
6. Have you ever downloaded a song or theme song for your cell phone?  If so, which one amuses you most?  If you haven't, but had to pick one, what would it be?  I don't have a cell phone.  I must say, my friend Tracy had one that amused me:  Cold Hard Bitch, by Jet.  You'd have to know Tracy, though, and hear why she used the song, to be amused.

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toonguykc said...

What IS up with the alerts???  I'm not really going to complain because I'm still amazed is doing all this blog stuff free of charge.  And I hate to nag a fellow careful what kind of bones Mandy chews on.  I've read that most bones from hooved animals like cows and pigs are generally safe.  But bones from birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.  can break off into very sharp shards may that damage the mouth and/or throat of the dog.  I know how much you love Mandy and I'm just butting in for both of your sakes.  End of nag.     Russ