Wednesday, January 12, 2005



We finally got a DVD player this past Christmas, and as I think of movies I'd like to own, and then find them on, I add to our collection.  Believe it or not, I had never seen the movie, "Deliverance".  I've heard plenty of jokes about it, and of course I'm familiar with the theme song.  I had an idea it must be a brutal film.  But this evening, I decided to watch it... alone.  Well, except for Mandy, and I ended up sitting on the floor in the kitchen doorway next to her, so I'd have some sort of comfort from the suspense and violence!  Mandy isn't allowed into the living room, but tonight she ended up with 3/4 of her body in there, just so I wouldn't be alone.

Remind me not to watch that sort of movie again while my husband's at work.  I still have "Southern Comfort" and "Apocalypse Now" to view... movies I haven't seen since the 80's, I suppose.  If I watched them without Cliff here, Mandy would end up on the couch with me, I'm sure of it!


fierrorachel said...

Boy, can I identify with that!  When "Silence of the Lambs" first came out on video, I rented it and watched it alone.  Although it was broad daylight, I wouldn't even get out from under the quilt on the couch to rewind the video.  I just KNEW that he was out there, with his fava beans.  Can you hear that sound he made?  EWWWW.  I'm freakin' out again!

amy122389 said...

Oh, Heavens, Mosie!  I only saw bits and pieces of that movie long long ago, and I still get the willies every time I hear that music!!!  eek...there is a reason I only watch comedies now!  :)  Tommy Boy has always been my favorite movie

heyuno said...

OK......I think I might have to go and rent this movie.  Hell why rent... when I can borrow it.  Just think, if it is that bad, then Amber will not be on the computer. ha ha cause I would be watching it in my room, with the computer.  lol