Thursday, January 27, 2005

clean purses and runaway dogs

When I get home from work I usually bring Mandy in and give her lots of petting.  I did that today, as always.  Then I turned her loose; she's been pretty good about staying in either our yard or the immediate neighbors' yards, usually at the side of her friend, Buddy.  Today, though, I looked out to check on her after a half-hour or so just in time to see her heading across the highway in hot pursuit of an ugly dog that lives over there.  Mandy has selective hearing, so when she's headed someplace with that kind of purpose, it's useless to holler.  I prayed hard, as she disappeared behind a house at top speed.  She was gone until almost dark, and I was on the verge of tears by the time she finally showed.  I'll be more careful about turning her loose.

Now, about the purses.  I have a regular purse I carry to Church, shopping, and so forth; and a clear plastic one for work.  They insist that if we're going to keep a purse with us in the DC, it has to be clear.  That way they can see through it in case we're trying to steal something. 

I do not clean purses.  Once in awhile I'll grab a handful of junk and toss it, but as far as emptying it and doing it right... I just don't.  (I've been trying to tell you I'm a slob!)

When I made out my Flylady journal, she told me to choose one night a week to clean out my purse, preferably just before I go shopping.  So, I chose Thursday night, since we usually shop on Friday or Saturday.

My regular purse wasn't too bad, but that plastic work purse was atrocious!  Would you believe there were seven pens buried in there?  I emptied it and then washed it out with soapy water.  It's clean!  I know, it still looks pretty junky:  I always carry a Reader's Digest, in case I get stranded someplace with nothing to do.  And I keep Arthritis Strength Tylenol, hand cream and bandaids in there... necessities, where I work.  And my box knife and marker, stuff I use on the job.  And of course my badge, when I'm not wearing it.  But it's all clean and neat, and I only left two pens in there.  The Flylady strikes again! 

I spent the required fifteen minutes in my zone (the bedroom) too.  AND made sure my sink was shining.  Eventually I'll get over the shock of how well this is working for me, but for now, you'll all just have to bear with me.


ksquester said...

Love the picture. Don't put your dog to "flylady work" or she will surely "fly away.  Mo, don't get too perfect, you're putting us all to shame.   Anne

toonguykc said...

I agree with Anne!  You're making slobs like me feel bad!  ;)   I'm glad Mandy is safe and sound.

bookncoffee said...

I'm soooo enjoying your Fly Lady experiences.  It reminds me and teaches others!  Good job.  

bookncoffee said...

Oh, I meant to tell you, I used to have to carry a plastic purse when I worked at Dillards.  

csandhollow said...

Hangs head in shame. I only got my 15 minutes in yesterday and shiny sink.