Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'll soon be "part-time"

I talked to the lady in HR today, and I've decided I'm going to be a part-time associate after February 1.  I found out I'll still get two weeks vacation this year, and I'll still have the same amount of FMLA coming:  both of these are based on how many hours I worked last year.  This resolved any misgivings I might have had about switching to part time.

I'll be required to work at least sixteen hours a week, and when there's a reasonable amount of work, I'll be able to do as many as forty hours.  So it's very flexible.  I'll have to let my supervisor know each week what days I'm going to work the following week; no problem there.

There may be some weeks when part-time employees don't get to work at all, but this has only happened once in the last year; so that's not a common occurance. 

I figure I can surely hobble into work two days a week (I'll do three when I can) for a year and a half, at which time I'll be sixty-two.  I'll be adding to my puny little 401K, too. 

I'm concentrating very hard on taking short steps, and walking lightly.  I've always been a hard stepper and a fast walker, and I recently realized this is not good for bad knees.  When I walk carefully, I have much less pain at the end of the day.

I'm thankful I have this option. 


sanforized6 said...

Hey, PT is the best thing yet. You can PT for years and years. I know so many people that have retired, then go right back PT.Keep that option open, you might have a good deal going. Other than that, enjoy your extra "free" time. rich, The Rambler

fierrorachel said...

WooooHoooo Mom!  That's awesome.  I'm so glad you won't lose vacation this year.  Texas, here we come!

astaryth said...

Hey... Part-time sounds like a GREAT option for you! Glad that this worked out for you. G. has problems off and on with his knees due to years of work running/standin/walking/working on concrete parking lots. Knees hurting is miserable! :(

toonguykc said...

Just don't waste your vacation days like I tend to do.  Use them to go somewhere warm where you can relax and give the knees a break.  Russ

ryanagi said...

Congrats on part-time! Just make sure it won't affect your pension, if you get one. My company laid me off just short of my 10 years with the company and screwed me out of a lot of money. :-/

bnanajm said...

OMG!!!!  Part time..............I'll trade you places


I'm glad you're able to do this.