Friday, January 7, 2005


I love waffles; I much prefer them to pancakes, actually.  So why on earth did I throw away two waffle irons?

Five years ago, I was on an extended bout of healthy cooking and eating.  Cliff and I had both lost considerable weight and were maintaining quite well, for over a year.  I decided to clean out a sort of pantry area that's under the stairway to our upstairs, and there were our two waffle irons:  one I'd had for years, and the other one, I'd picked up at a garage sale for a buck or so.  The reason I bought it was that it takes so long to make a waffle, one person starves while the first one is eating.  So I figured I'd use both at once, and more people would get fed; I'm not sure I ever put this plan into use.

Anyway, waffles didn't fit into my healthy cooking scheme.  Isn't there a rule for cleaning closets that says, "If you haven't worn it for two years, toss it"?  Well, I couldn't remember the last time I'd made waffles.  So off to the ditch both waffler-makers went.

At present, I am not cooking and eating such healthy fare as I was in that fit of cleaning (now I know why I don't often toss things).  And I've been craving waffles for months!  Cliff is happy with pancakes, but not me.  And I don't want Belgian waffles, I want the old-fashioned, skinnier, crispy kind like Mama used to make.

I didn't work today, and my cable Internet was down.  I started bemoaning my lack of waffles to Cliff (again), and mentioned I was thinking of buying a waffle maker on Ebay.  "Don't do that," says he.  "Let's just go buy one."

We first went to Wal Mart; they had a really cheap one, and a larger, pricier one... but both were the Belgian kind.  Next we went to Kohl's, since I get a discount there.  Would you believe there wasn't a waffle maker in the store?  Must have been a popular Christmas gift.

I told Cliff I'd only be using it a couple times a year.  "In that case," he offered, "why don't we just go to the Waffle House when you get the urge?"

"Have you seen their prices?  And for one lousy waffle!  When I'm finally eating waffles, it's going to take two or three to satisfy my craving!"

So we ate lunch at Fazoli's and came home without a waffle iron.  It wasn't a totally wasted day though.  Cliff got a haircut and a new pair of overalls, and I got some unmentionables and a can of Planters Mixed Nuts (the ones without peanuts in the mix).

I'm thinking I may have to settle for a Belgian waffle maker... or buy a regular one on Ebay, but the shipping is $10; that's going to make me pay more than I want.

Why couldn't I have thought of this before Christmas, and let someone else do the searching and buying?


toonguykc said...

I know you'll probably be offended but I'll say this anyway:  Kellogg's Frozen Waffles are pretty dang good!  As long as you didn't throw out your toaster as well, you can probably satisfy your waffle cravings at least partially.

amy122389 said...

Trust me on this.  DO NOT buy the Belgian one.  It won't be the won't taste as good.  I know this from experience.  I, too, love thin crisy waffles...and went to buy a waffle maker.  The only one I could find was the Belgian one, so I brought it home and was SO disappointed, I haven't used it since.  That was 2 yrs ago....  the other commenter was right.  Buy the frozen ones.  If you can believe it, they're better than Belgians...

ksquester said...

You and me Sister! I love those little crisp waffles with pecans! Did you know that you can make several and freeze them? Warm them up in a hot oven. HOLD out for the regular waffle maker and then, I will come up to visit you........please?  Anne

plieck30 said...

Oh boy! Do you have me hungry now. I threw my waffle iron out too. I wonder why I did that? Paula

bnanajm said...

I think Steve got me one for Christmas.  I'll find out tomorrow at our annual brunch.  When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I had THAT craving for woofles (as I called them as a kid).  I told him I wanted a little one, for one person.  He said he had seen one at Lowe's that was perfect, so I may be having woofles soon.


csandhollow said...

I love waffles! I have my mama's old one. She wa going to throw it away too! I make waffles every couple weeks! Hold out for the good one!!!!

ryanagi said...

I have a Mickey Mouse one and a regular one that you are welcome to. Wedding gifts. We are not breakfast folk here. They are dusty and lonely. LOL