Sunday, August 22, 2004

Old stuff again

I was nosing through my mom's old keepsakes again, and found my very first report card.  In Iowa at that time, they had a grade called "primary" instead of Kindergarten.  That's what this report card is from.

I remember my first teacher quite well, and wrote to her a few years back to thank her for her efforts.  She had eight grades to teach in a one-room schoolhouse (picture to be posted at another time).

In many ways, I haven't changed:  I got a "V" for "very seldom" on "has independent work habits".  And another "V" for "show leadership within group".  Yep, that's me alright!  My teacher was very insightful to recognize this when I was five years old.  I wonder what the "U" stood for?  Unsatisfactory?  I guess Mrs. Eighmy made up a special classification just for me.



bnanajm said...

7 times tardy, in one week.......I know, you walked 7 miles, in the snow, uphill both ways....right?

mosie1944 said...

Joanna, believe it or not, I DID walk in the snow to school... three miles.  I remember my mother walking with me once when it was bitter cold and our car wouldn't start.  I don't know what the tardy was, but it may have been when I had measles or whooping cough.

csandhollow said...

I think the u is a faded A