Friday, August 27, 2004


August 27, 2004

I've learned, while on the Internet,
To hold my feelings tight
And not divulge my politics
Nor lean toward left or right.
If I should state opinions,
Someone's bound to take offense.
So I refrain from typing
When the situation's tense.

I watch the silly squabbles
As adults behave like kids.
I see abuse heaped on my friends,
Yet keep my feelings hid.
It's sad to see the damage done
By those who must control.
Each one has faithful followers
To help him play his role.

I've seen it in the chat rooms
And on every message board.
It seems like folks can't get along
And stay in one accord.
Dear Lord, it's hard to watch it...
After all, I'm not a saint.
For this one thing, I'm thankful:
I believe I've learned restraint.


1 comment:

csandhollow said...

I wish others would learn some restraints.