Sunday, August 8, 2004

What a Saturday I had


Yesterday the temperature was ideal; I went riding from around 9 AM to 11, and neither Blue nor I got overheated.  A ride like that really saps my energy, so I ate about 1/4 of a watermelon when I got home, and lay down to take a nap... when my daughter called and asked if I'd go riding with her, the girls, and her friend, Kim, at Kim's house.  So we loaded Blue into the trailer for the first time since December, when I bought him, and with my son-in-law Kevin pulling the stock trailer behind his new truck, away we went.  This second ride of the day was easier on my faithful steed and me though:  the girls are just learning to ride, so we mosied along at a snail's pace.  Kim has a neighbor with a landscaped property to ride on, and a nifty path meandering through the woods.  It was a good, memorable day for everyone except Mandy, who had to spend too much of her time imprisoned in the stall.  She likes it there, but not for such a long period of time.   

I do regret missing my Internet friend, Boodotte, stopping by, though.  She comes out this way to buy peaches and apples, and Amber said she showed up very shortly after I left.  Cliff had taken the twins next door, Travis and Tyler, and went to work on his brother's shed again.  Tyler was limping when they came home as a result of some mishap he had on a four-wheeler over there. 



bnanajm said...

What a great picture.  I bet Blue enjoyed the company.  As I type, your cat is walking around with a wad of paper in his mouth, giving me that funny muffled 'meow'.  LOL

csandhollow said...

Sounded like so much fun!