Saturday, August 7, 2004

farm influences

My parents moved a LOT, all their lives.  Daddy worked as a hired farm hand in between their stints as switchboard operators in various towns (back when "central" was needed to call anyone who wasn't on your party line).  For a brief, shining moment Daddy must have wanted to try his hand at farming for himself, because I was born in Iowa, in July, and I see by this sale bill my mom kept that the farm  was sold in October.  So they couldn't have had it for more than three months.  This farm was in walking distance from my grandma, and it eventually was bought by my Uncle Leo, whose widow, my Aunt Mary, still owns it, although she's moved to town.  Mother and Daddy never bought a place again until the mid-fifties when we moved to Kansas City.  Even though my folks didn't make it there, that farm was one of my favorite places to visit during my childhood.  I'd spend a week with Grandma in the summer, and a lot of that time was spent up the road at Uncle Leo's, playing with four cousins.  I believe the fun I had there had a lot to do with my ending in the country for all my married life, and keeping the assortment of animals we've had over the years.  I wanted to keep a small piece of the childhood fun I had at Grandma's and Uncle Leo's.  And I do believe I've managed to do that!

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